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August 9, 2011

Butterfly House Playdate

The last time we were in a butterfly house, we were at the Taipei Zoo in Taiwan. The butterfly house was huge, to walk through the trails takes about 30 minutes. Due to the climate of this tropical island (also known as Formosa), there is a wide variety of beautiful butterflies featured there. DD loved the butterfly house. With abundance of butterflies dancing around her, I am sure it was easy for any toddler to get excited. We did not know that there was a butterfly house located in OC until my friend Norma set up a playdate there.

The Environmental Nature Center in Newport Beach has a Butterfly House that's great for a short day trip. Behind the center you will find the butterfly house along with trails that wraps around back of the center. When Bushra and I took the kids on this fun adventure, we thought it would be a short walk -- I mean, how can anyone get lost on a trail in the middle of Newport beach, right? Lol. well, we were wrong. The trails took us beyond the center, so when you are visiting for the first time, be sure to always remember where you were so you could turn around to walk back if needed.

I must say that the trails were beautiful. The kids ran around and they were excited that our final destination was the butterfly house.

Along the trails, there were a lot of picnic tables, so you can pack lunches and eat there with your kids. There is a lot of shade. However, the trails are not stroller friendly. If you are bringing your infant like I did, then I recommend bring your baby carrier along for this outing.

We finally made it to the butterfly house!
There was a cute owl in front that the kids wanted to hug.
The butterflies were beautiful. Our kids were really excited to see the butterflies and there were plenty of butterflies there even though the butterfly house there is rather small.

We used the opportunity to teach the kids about respecting mother nature: no grabbing the butterflies and no hitting or bending the planets in order to reach the butterflies.
I told DD to sit down and see if a butterfly will come to land on her. It did not work, but she still had fun seeing so many butterflies up close.
DD with Norma's little boy.
The butterfly house is a great place to a half day outing with your kids. I recommend packing lunches so the kids can play there and eat before you head home. I also recommend not going there while the OC fair is going on, I ran into a lot of fair traffic while trying to make my way there. There is no cost to visit the center or the butterfly house. If you live in the OC area and never been there before, it is a cute little place to visit for sure!


Karrieann said...

Oh my gosh, such fun! I remember taking my girls when they were little to a butterfly house at a zoo in Washington (states). I was in awe with the butterflies! My girls were too!

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