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July 25, 2011

Pool Playdate at Our House

Last summer we saw a patio set at Home Depot that we really like. We decided not to pick it up because our house was still under construction and we were not sure if it would be a good fit for our backyard. So for a good part of this summer so far, we have been sitting on the ground when we hang out by the pool, which was not exactly ideal or comfortable. As I have mentioned earlier, there was a patio set we liked at Home Depot, so we went back to look for it at the beginning of this summer (thinking Home Depot would be carrying it again), well, they did. Then, we began our endless search for a patio set.

Since we are not planning on moving (hopefully never again), we wanted to get something that will last for many years. We looked around at all of the stores near us... nothing... Then a couple of weekends again, we went to visit my out of town in laws. We stopped by the pottery place by their house.
And saw this! This was exactly what we wanted.
So we bought it. It weights 1200 lbs and took 2 large men moving it slowly piece by piece. We love how it looks and we think that the set might actually outlast us :).
Ok, so the patio set was rather expensive, but I was able to get the umbrella for $18.99 at Home Depot (it was on clearance, marked down from its original price of $89.99).
We have been enjoying our patio set and the pool since it has been so hot lately. We are also having friends over pretty regularly to just hang out at our pool.

Here's baby G with his Auntie Bushra. He is getting spoiled by her big time.
My friend Tiffany and the kids.
DD on her kickboard.
Just floating around the pool to cool off.
DD with one of her bff's, Isabella.
The girls know how to swim but because the water is deep and for safety reasons, they all wear floating devices.
Awwww! Hugs!
Tiffany with her cute little boy, Sammy.
The girls playing.
Me with baby G. He was asleep half of the time he was in the pool. Hanging out in the pool really wears him out, poor little man.
The nice thing about finally having a patio set is that everyone can sit and have a snack when we get tired of playing in the pool.
5 hours of playing in the pool and the girls were still hyper. We ended the day by taking them out for frozen yogurt.
We love having friends over for pool playdates!


Jessica said...

Thats a gorgeous patio set!! And what a steal with the umbrella!!

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