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July 7, 2011

Petting Zoo Fun

I took DD and baby G to the local petting zoo before we met up with friends at Chuck E Cheese yesterday. DD was really excited to see the llamas. She had to fed some guinea pigs first.
Because the place was soooo packed that morning, the animals got over fed and they were not hungry at all. DD was very sad about that.
The guinea pig was not very interested in the carrots.
Baby G and Me. We were just hanging out and watching DD feed the animals.
The petting zoo set up a gold prospecting station, so she got to do that too.
No gold, but lots of pretty rocks.
So happy with her rocks!
Time to put all of her new rocks into a baggy to take home and show them to daddy.
The water was really dirty with dirt and sand, but DD did not care.
Of course, baby G and I just hung out while DD was gold panning.
She had a lot of carrots left so she fed the rest to the llamas before we left to meet up with our friends.
The llamas were so gentle and sweet. Much better than the aggressive goats at the petting zoo.
DD had a lot of fun. It was a bit hotter than I would have liked, so next time we visit I will have to take the kids in the early AM.


Anonymous said...

My DD loves the petting zoo, the animals in ours get to roam around free and she loves to interact with them.

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