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June 3, 2011

Roosters Fun Bar is Fun for Kids and Adults

What? A bar that's great for kids and adults alike? No way? Do they serve alcohol to kids? Or is it that the parents are having so much fun drinking that they think their kids are having fun too?Roosters Fun Bar is nestled in the center of Traveland USA. For those who live in the OC area, you probably drove by it on the 5 freeway and never realized that it was there, I know we didn't. If you see RV country, you know you are in the right place. In order to get to the Roosters Fun Bar, you must drive pass through what seems like hundreds of RVs to get to the restaurant that's located in the middle of the RV dealerships. Odd place for a restaurant, yes it is! The place offers eleven big screen TV's, an entertainment stage, along with bar and dining. On the outside of the restaurant, there is a large bounce house for the kids. A few ping pong tables and a lake (fake man-made lake, but a lake nonetheless) for the kids to feed the ducks.
Their sandwiches are between $7 and $9. Pretty pricey for a sandwich, but the portions are huge. One plate is enough food to feed 2 adults really. I had the sausage sandwich with their potato salad. Seriously yummy stuff! The potato salad is to die for. Made with bacon and roasted corn, my husband declared it the best potato salad he has ever had in his life.
My husband had the chipotle chicken wrap. I took a giant bite out of it to try it, it was very good!
DD had hot dog and fries. I did not try her food. Hot dog is not exactly on my list of food I like to eat. Her kid's meal was only $4. It came with a drink and you can ask for apple slices instead of fries. We went with the non healthy route.
After dinner, my husband took our daughter to the bounce house just outside the bar to burn off the unhealthy food she consumed -- this is how we justified giving her hot dog and fries for dinner ;) .
On Friday and Saturday nights, there is LIVE music. Roosters Fun Bar is great for families. There were a lot of families with young kids when we went. The service was average (not horrible, but nothing to brag about either).

On a scale of 1 to 5, I gave Roosters Fun Bar 4 yummy cupcakes! We will be back!


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