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June 8, 2011

Petting Zoo, Park and Ice Cream kind of day

Bushra and I took the kids to our local petting zoo. While DD had a blast (she LOVES animals), Bushra's kids were terrified of them. I was really shocked. How could anyone be so scared of such cute fluffy bunnies? Bushra kept on saying, "We are city people," like that was supposed to justified their terror of small furry animals. I thought the whole situation was amusing. Of course, Bushra and her kids did not see things that way. Having fears of small cute animals is no laughing matter, lol! Ok, I really did feel bad that they did not have as much fun as DD did.

There was a turtle there and it's HUGE!

The goats were very aggressive so I made DD feed them from the fence.
Walking to the park after the petting zoo visit.
The girls had fun at the park.
We ended the day with some yummy ice cream.


Life, Crafts and Whatever said...

Super cute pics! It's nice to read more about the lady behind all of the fabulous giveaways!

PerfectlyHappy said...

coool. is this zoomars?? we were just there too! love it!

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