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June 28, 2011

My princess lost her first tooth!

DD's tooth was loose for a good month before it finally came out last week. All year long at her preschool class, she had classmates losing their teeth. At the beginning of the school year, her teacher had a talk with the class about losing their teeth. Whenever a kid loses his/her tooth, the child gets to write his/her name on a large paper tooth in the classroom. After all that hype from the teacher, DD was extremely excited about losing her tooth. She waited and waited, and waited some more. It finally came out last week. She went to bed with the biggest grin on her face. The anticipation of a visit from a tooth fairy was hard for her to bear, she went to bed filled with so much excitement that I thought she was going to burst into small pieces of happy hysteria.

There has been an ongoing discussion between my friends and myself on how much a tooth is worth. While some moms think that a quarter or a dollar is acceptable, other moms go up as high as $20 per tooth. I wanted to know what DD's thought was on this subject matter. When I asked her what she thought that the tooth fairy was going to bring her. She said, " A quarter." Then she paused for a bit, and continued, " And a diamond ring." ROFL! Yeah, if that was the going rate for a tooth, I think I would be willing to give up a couple of my own.

Well, the tooth fairy came. She left DD a quarter and a toy. Tooth fairy really wanted to leave a dollar, but tooth fairy's husband said that a dollar was too much for a 5 year old. The tooth fairy did not see any point in arguing about it, so she left a nice pretty quarter along with a toy.

Here's my little cutie with her missing tooth :). The new one is already coming in!DD and her friends at a water fountain playdate last week.
Baby G napped almost the entire time we were at the water fountains, so I did not get any pictures of him then. I did take a few photos after we got home. Check out how huge he is now! I can't believe that he just turned 4 months old.
The cutest baby in my house! Ok, he is the only baby in my house, but he is seriously cute and such a lovable little guy! I don't know what good deeds I have done to deserve this awesome baby, but I will take it! At 4 months old, baby G almost never cries, rarely fusses. When he is awake, he is constantly smiling. He is a joy to have around! I feel so lucky to have not one, but two amazingly loving and wonderful kids!


KatieMay said...

Adorable Pics! I have a soon to be 4 year old and I can't believe they start loosing teeth at 5! I thought I had more time to enjoy those precious baby teeth :)

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