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June 2, 2011

Life happens when I am not blogging

A couple of weekends ago, we met up with some of our friends for a playdate. It has been a while since we last saw them, so it was really great to see how much all of the kids have grown and changed. Meeting friends for playdates on the weekend is a rare treat for us because we typically spend our weekends running errands and attending events that we have committed to, it was definitely a nice change for us.

What was I doing while DD was running around on the playground with her friends? I was hanging out with my mommy friends. Baby G had a nice long nap in the Beco Baby Carrier -- I seriously love this carrier, it has been so useful and helpful when we are out doing things.
Since there aren't many pictures of baby G, I thought I would throw a couple in here. I took this photo when we were laying in bed hanging out one morning. Baby G was not happy because he was getting hungry but his mommy and sister were too busy having fun with the camera to feed him. Poor thing! Don't worry, no baby was harm during this photo session. He was fed shortly after this photo was taken :).
It really warms my heart when I see my kids interacting so nicely together. I was doing the laundry so I left baby G in his sister's care. When I returned a few minutes later, I caught DD playing pretend with baby G. She was drawing him a picture and he "acted" like he was actually listening (who knows, maybe he was really listening to her... I can't read the baby's thoughts... yet... I am working on it. Either I will master thought reading or he will learn to speak his mind. One of those two things will happen, I am certain of it :P ).
Yummy in my tummy, so yummy, so yummy! Look, we got handcrafted candy imported from Japan.

They are wonderfully delicious! Plus they are so pretty to look at. Whenever I eat one, it is like putting a small gem in my mouth. Ok, I don't think gems would taste too good, plus I think I would have all sorts of problems if I actually tried to eat a gem. But you get the idea... pretty to look at and tasty too!


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