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June 14, 2011

Disneyland Tuesday

School is out and it seems like everyone is at Disneyland! We went there to check out the latest Little Mermaid ride and it was BUSY! I got up in the morning and I hoped to get the kids there by 10:00 AM. I did arrived at the Disneyland parking structure at 10:00 AM, but it was so packed with people that by the time I parked my car, took the tram to Disneyland park, it was close to 11 AM. My friend Irene was there at 9:30 and she was waiting in line for the Little Mermaid ride. We got there just a few minutes before they got on the ride, so we only waited for a few minutes to get on it.
DD on the Little Mermaid ride.
We went on it twice. The second time we were on it, DD sat with Savannah and Rosie.
I took a lot of pictures of the ride to share with you :). The ride is basically scenes from the movie itself. We thought it was really cute, the girls loved it of course. However, all of the moms thought that an hour to hour and a half wait for the 5 minutes ride was a bit excessive-- but that's amusement park for you. We were glad that we got a chance to ride it before our summer block out, but it was not worth the long wait.

This is the long, long, long line to the Little Mermaid. The line was so long that you could not even see the building where the ride was located.
Savannah, DD and Raina waiting to get on the Toy Story ride. The park was so packed that day, we also waited for over an hour for this ride. Luckily, the girls had so much fun playing with one another they did not mind the wait at all.
DD and Savannah being silly.
We also went to Star Tours twice. They had changed the ride so that the 3D movies are different every time you are on it (apparently there are 50 different versions, but I am not sure if that's true).
DD waiting in line for the Star Tours ride.
Me and DD.
The kids really wanted to go on Space Mountain. I stayed behind with baby G & my friend Rosie (Raina's mommy) was nice enough to ride it with DD. Check out this cool photo of them from the ride!
The kids with their 3D glasses on the Star Tours ride.
Irene & Savannah on the Star Tours Ride.
Just a photo of my princess!
Right before I went on Indiana Jones with DD, Rosie and Meredith, I asked Irene to take a photo of me and Baby G. Poor baby was not in any pictures we took that day, so I asked Irene to take one to show that he was there too. Here's baby G in my favorite baby carrier: Beco Baby Carrier.
We spent the entire day at Disneyland. Actually, we were there for a total of 11 hours. Wow! Can't believe we survived that. I must say that having my awesome baby carrier with me was a HUGE help. We waited in lines for hours while I had baby G in the carrier. An entire day there and my back is totally fine, no discomfort at all from carrying a heavy baby around. Although I am exhausted from all the fun we had :). We did Little Mermaid twice, Toy Story, Monsters Inc., Buzz Lightyear, Space Mountain, Star Tours twice, Pirates of Caribbean and Indiana Jones. It was a long but successful day. We basically did every ride we wanted to go on. It was nice going with all of the mommies because we would switch off so that everyone could go on the exciting rides even thought we had 2 babies with us. Plus, the kids played so well together that they were able to keep each other entertained the whole time.

We had a wonderful time with our friends: Rosie, Irene, Meredith, Shannon and their kids (Roco, Raina, Savannah & Makila). We look forward to going back there with them again in August when our blocked out period ends. In the mean time, we have these photos and wonderful memories to remind us what a great day we had at Disneyland.


Trisha said...

This ride looks really cute! Little Mermaid is one of my favorite Disney movies!

4given1 said...

Looks like lots of new rides since we were last there!

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