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June 7, 2011

Disneyland Tuesday

Bushra and I took the girls & baby G to Disneyland last week. The girls had a blast and so did we. I was even able to get some cute photos of them while we were there. Pictures from the Monster Inc. ride. DD had just watched the movie that morning, so she wanted me to take some pictures for her so she could look at them whenever she wants. There is no doubt that she is a huge Disney fan.
Her favorite character from the Monster Inc. movie (I know, what an odd choice, right?!).

On our way out, we saw "Kitty" and we were able to get a photo with him. Poor baby G's face was completely covered by his hat though. Oh, well....
DD really wanted to do the Caterpillar ride, so we did that. I love that when you go through the giant watermelon, it actually smells like watermelon. Yum!
Giant animal crackers. Yes, they actually smelled like cookies too!
The lights at Bugs Land are so pretty.
The girls were very excited about being there.

The girls with their 3D glasses for the Toy Story ride.
A dialogue between the girls:

DD: "I love Dr. Pepper," she said while pointing at Isabella's Dr. Pepper favored Jelly Belly (she said that even though she never had it before).
Isabella: Also having never tried Dr. Pepper before, replied, " Does it taste like Dr?"
DD: With a serious look on her face, " No, it does not! Silly! It tastes like PEPPER."
Isabella: "That's gross. Why would anyone eat pepper candy."
DD: "Pepper tastes good, try it, you will like it."

Finally, a picture of me with just baby G. This does not happen very often.
The girls at the entrance area of Disneyland.
Bushra and I discovered that the girls are finally tall enough to go on Indiana Jones Adventure. We got fast passes and switch pass for the ride. The girls were able to go the ride twice and they loved it! I was so excited for them. It was their first time on Indiana Jones Adventure ride ever. When I took the girls, we got to sit in the first row and both of them had their arms straight up the whole time. They were so cute. I felt really lucky to have been there to be part of their experience.

As soon as we got home, DD told her daddy all about going on Indiana Jones Adventure at Disneyland. I think I saw a little bit of envy coming from DH's eyes, lol!


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