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May 31, 2011

An Unexpected Adventure

A couple of weekends ago, I noticed that there was steam coming out of our pool. I thought that it was odd, so I decided to investigate further. Much to my dismay, I discovered that the pool had been completed heated. Apparently, when our broken pool pump timer got replaced, the repairman left the heat running along with the pump. Because it had been raining so we had not been outside. By the time I discovered the heated pool, it had been running for a whole week straight. I was not happy -- to say the least. All I could think about was how bad our bill was going to be this month. My husband then remind me that there was nothing to be done about it. We could not reverse time to shut it off.

True, so true...

When life gives me a lemon, I make lemonade. I took DD swimming in the giant bath tub in our back yard. It was still raining a bit that morning when we went out to the pool. DD had a blast swimming. I must admit that I, too, enjoyed swimming in a pool that was 80 degrees. There is nothing quite like swimming in a warm pool with the cool breeze in the air and the rain sprinkling down on you. "Is this how the wealthy people live," I had wondered. If I was rich, I would heat my pool all year long -- I know, I know, I don't dream big, do I? Lol.

While we had fun in the pool, I was worry and stress free. But, let's see how worry and stress free I am when the bill comes ;).


FluteItUp! said...

Being from Idaho, we're somewhat immune to cold weather. When mom and I went to Grand Canyon, we weren't going to let a little snow storm ruin our vacation - so we went to the hot tub/pool. Everyone thought we were nuts, but it was a warm snow - so we were fine!

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