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May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day from Sugar Pop Ribbons !!!

Happy Mother's Day everyone! This is my first year celebrating Mother's day as the mommy of 2 adorable kids. Sometimes they could really be a handful (Especially when both of them are crying at the same time, yeah, I just experienced that last week when I took them to the doctors for their shots. It was no fun). Despite the tough days I had and I am sure there will be lots more to come, I love my kids more than anything else in the world. They have brought me so much joy and happiness. I never thought I could love my kids as much as I do and be as happy as I am. Motherhood is truly awesome!

For this Mother's Day, I wish you the very best. I hope that all of you get to enjoy some much needed pampering as well as quality time with your family.

I would love to hear about your favorite memory of your mother, or a special memory you have with your child/children. Leave me a comment and tell me all about it :). Each person who leaves me a comment with their story will earn an additional 10 entries that they could use however they like. You can use them all on 1 giveaway or divide them up into 3 giveaways, or even 10 giveaways. Just make sure that after you write your little story be sure to also let me know how you like to use your 10 additional entries.

When you enter your additional entries in the giveaways, please enter with "Mother's Day story bonus entries #1," "Mother's Day story bonus entries #2," and so forth.

This special 10 additional entries post is valid for 1 day only. I will be closing the comments at midnight tonight.

Thank you everyone and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!


Trisha said...

My mom was (and still is) an early riser. I would wake up and come downstairs in the mornings to find her sitting in "her" place on the couch...cup of hot tea next to her and a good Harlequin romance in her hand. When I came down she would always lay her book open (no need for a bookmark) and slide it under the couch. She never wanted us to see the scandalous cover with the busty woman and her long-haired man in a passionate embrace. She always made time for me those mornings and she passed on her love of reading to me (and to be fair to her, she doesn't read those type of books anymore!) I look forward to one day greeting my school-aged boys the same...but maybe with a good, non-trashy read! :)

*I plan to split my comments between the Saky Sacks, Namaste Handbag and Western Chief Rain Boots giveaway!

Brittney said...

I have so many great memories with my mom. She is honestly my best friend and has always been. I cant choose just one memory, because every time we are together it is special. I love how we can talk about anything and the conversations are never ending. :) Happy Mothers Day

** I want to spend 5 entries on the swing and 5 entries on the stroller** Thanks :)

Marcie W. said...

I am so very close to my own mother! Now that I am a grown woman she is a friend as well as a mother to me.

My favorite memory with her is the day I became a mother. Almost 7yrs ago now, I gave birth to my oldest daughter (after a LONG 23 months battling with infertility) It was the most overwhelming moment of my life. As my husband and sister went to go be with the new baby as they cleaned and checked her, my mother stayed by my side and with tears in her eyes said "My baby had a baby" Our bond grew 100 times over at that very moment :)

Happy Mother's Day to all!

*I am spending all 10 entries on the Combi Stroller giveaway**

Anonymous said...

My Mom died when I was 9 but one of my favorite memories was when my Mom would drive us to school, which wasn't very far actually; and the song "Come Dancing" by The Kinks came on the radio. She would swerve the car back and forth on the road with the music. It was a great time to cut loose with my Mom.

I would like to use all 10 of my entries for the Learning tower giveaway.

leanne_mac said...

I adore every moment with my children and I love watching my mom with her grandchildren. It is such a special relationship they have.

I'm using my 10bonus the Tea Collection.