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May 17, 2011

Disneyland Tuesday

I am not brave enough to go skydiving, nor am I adventurous enough travel to around the world with 2 kids. Last week, though, I was both brave and adventurous enough to take the kids to Disneyland all by myself.

I was brave enough to handle all of the things that could possibly go wrong with two kids at an amusement park.

I was adventurous enough to go despite knowing all of the things that could go wrong with two kids at an amusement park.

I was crazy enough to take 2 kids (including an infant) to an amusement park.

I am mama! Hearing me roar! --- Ok, I am roaring quietly because I don't want to wake up the baby, lol.

I surprised DD in the morning with a trip to Disneyland. She was beyond excited.
Waiting in line for the haunted Mansion ride was hard work. She had to eat a snack while we waited for a whole 5 minutes. Us on the "It's A Small World" ride. Love baby G's confused expression.
DD, " I am having the best day ever!"

Baby G," What is happening to me? Where Am I?"

After 6 hours of fun, someone was exhausted.
But, on our way out, we saw Mickey...
And we just HAD to get a photo.
Operation Disneyland was a success! The kids did wonderfully well. This was baby G's very first trip to Disneyland and he did 100 times better than I expected.

I survived the trip, they survived it as well.

I even had some fun along with them!


Jessica said...

Love the pics and your DD looks like she had a blast! I especially love the pose she did in the last pic with MM. Congrats on a successful brave adventure mama!

Jenette said...

Looks like you all had fun! I love disneyland!

Anonymous said...

aww too cute, glad you had fun!

peripatetic33 said...

The picture with Mickey is priceless. Glad you and DD could enjoy.

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