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April 12, 2011

Question, please contact me....

Oh, there was so many other ways that I would like to title this post, but all of them would not have children friendly.... If you have been following my blog, you know that I started writing reviews and offering giveaways over a year ago. Whenever someone wins a prize, I always send a follow up email to confirm that I have received their information and it has been passed on to the company. In my email, I also asked them to feel free to follow up with me if they do not receive their prize after 6 to 8 weeks because I will gladly check with the company for them. Most companies do a great job shipping out the prizes right away. Sometimes, it will take longer to get the prize out because I am actually working with a PR firm who represents the company. So, the information gets passed on from the PR firm to the company and then the company process the information. I know that 6 to 8 weeks is a long time to wait for your prize. I know that I would love to get it in a few days too, but that's not what happens in real life. I can tell you that sometimes I wait for more than 3 months for a review product to show up at my door (and that's after sending many follow up emails).

I rarely have companies fall through on sending out giveaway prizes. Don't get me wrong, it happens, other bloggers will tell you that it happens. But, it does not happen often. When it does happen, I would let the company know how disappointed I am that they did not follow through on their promise of the giveaway prize and I remove my review post from my blog.

When a person does not receive his/her prize, I always do my best to follow up with the company and I always give them enough time to fix the situation. So imagine my surprise when I was contacted by the PR firm that represents a company I reviewed for. The person who won the prize notified me that she did not receive the prize. I contacted the PR firm and the PR person actually looked into the issue for me over the weekend (when she was not paid to work!). She was working to get the tracking information for the winner and we were trying to locate her prize. Imagine my surprise when the PR firm contacted me to let me know that giveaway winner had contacted the company's legal department (right after she contacted me about not having received her prize). I am not sure she thought was happening. I had assured her that I was checking into the prize, did she not believe me? It occurred to me either she thought I was completely lacking the skills in handling her case or that she thought I was running a scam here. I am sure by contacting the legal department of this national company, she has since then realized that I WAS NOT and AM NOT running a scam. My reviews/giveaways are completely legit. Why else would I ask you to go to the sponsoring companies facebook and twitter accounts? Wouldn't it be dumb of me to send you their way if I was running a scam? Unbelievable!

Sorry for the long rant, but I thought her action was done in very poor taste and I did not appreciate it. In any case, if you did not receive your prize, please contact me. Please do not contact the sponsoring company because more often than not, I am actually working with PR firms that represent them. I might not be able to answer your emails right away (I am a mother of a newborn after all), but I will do my best to resolve any issues you might have with your prize.


Jessica said...

Blogs are so helpful when one needs to vent!!! Rant Away. :O
I am so sorry that your commitment to your fellow bloggers, specifically winners of your prize giveaways, was not returned with gratitude and confidence. Hope all gets better for you soon. Love your blog!

Mrs.Smitty said...

Wow, that's a bold move from a blog follower

Carrie said...

What seems so wild to me, is the fact that this person was taking action to receive an item from a GIVEAWAY, not something she purchased. Even if she never received the item, she didn't really lose anything. It was a giveaway!

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