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April 22, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

A couple of days ago, we took the kids to the local park for a Easter egg hunt. We packed lunches to eat at the park and then afterwards, we scattered eggs all around the park for the kids.

This was taken right before the egg hunt, the kids were clearly very excited. Bff's!

The kids had a blast picking up eggs all over the park.

Baby G is too young to participate in the egg hunt, but he enjoyed hanging out at the park with us :). This was baby G's first egg hunt event, I am looking forward to doing this next year, I can't wait to see my little guy running around.

Egg hunting is fun!

It might look like the girls wanted to play with the baby, but they were really just there to pick up the eggs around him, lol.

DD with her little brother.

I love this photo. Baby G's facial expression says it all. It was a "What the heck is happening to me look." His sister clearly was not holding onto him quite right.

The kids with their eggs. I think I might have gone a little overboard with the eggs this year ;).

Someone really loved his Easter basket.

After eating some candy from the Easter eggs, the kids ran around the park to play. We were glad that the kids played hard to get rid off all that sugar from their bodies.


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