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April 25, 2011

Easter 2011 Photos

We had a nice Easter at my in law's house. After our traditional Easter family meal, I went outside and put the eggs all over the backyard for DD to do her Easter egg hunt. She was so excited to do her Easter egg hunt.

I had a Easter basket for her and I made a trail of eggs that led to the basket that I hid on the side of the house.

Picking up candy filled eggs was hard work...

Good thing she had a huge basket for her eggs.

Look, a basket full of candy filled eggs and a basket filled with toys waiting for her at the end of the trail.

DD checking out her Easter eggs.

So happy!

Wow, that's a lot of eggs!

DD with baby G. It's baby G's first Easter!

Baby G hanging out.

Looking content.

Baby G is working on his neck muscles. He is already lifting up his head at 2 months old.

Mommy's cutie :).


Jessica said...

The kids are so cute Jennifer. Looks like DD enjoyed her egg hunt...and that SURE WAS a lot of eggs!

Erin Olnon said...

I love the trail of eggs! Such a great idea for little kiddos who may not have the patience to search for eggs all afternoon! Great tradition!

Huddyma said...

Your kids are seriously adorable! I love baby G's striped outfit!

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