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April 21, 2011

Birthday Parties

This past weekend DD was invited to 2 birthday parties. Normally her daddy takes her to these parties (while baby G and I stayed home), but we decided everyone will go to them this past weekend -- mostly because my husband wanted me to go to keep him company. So, on Saturday we packed up the entire family and headed to My Gym for Adien's birthday party. The birthday party was very organized and the kids had a blast.

Here I am with baby G. We were waiting for the birthday party to be over. Baby G did great. He sat there quietly while he waited for his big sister, not a single fussy sound from him the entire time we were there.
The kids had a lot of fun with the bubble machine. DD is the one in black and white dress.

On Sunday, we went to Tylor's birthday party at the park. Tylor's mommy got a bounce house for the kids so they had a lot of fun doing that. After they played and ate lunch, they got to pull strings off a pinata. Here's the kids waiting in line to pull the strings.

Clearly, the kids went nuts once the candy hit he ground.

We had a busy but fun weekend, but we are also a bit exhausted from all of the birthday parties we have been attending. Hopefully this wave of birthday parties will be over soon.


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