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March 28, 2011

Baby G's 1 Month Old Party

Last Friday I had a party for baby G. In Chinese culture, a baby turning 1 month old is considered a huge milestone for both the baby and the parents -- this probably has to do with the low survival rate of infants in traditional China. It's so hard to believe that a month went by already. Frankly, I am surprised by how little sleep I could live with and also by how awesome the baby is. Baby G is without a doubt a much easier baby to deal with than DD was. He only cries when he is hungry and is not at all colicky like DD was.

Pictures from baby G's birth day.

Here's baby G at 1 month old.

In addition to celebrating baby G turning 1 month old, we are also excited about the kids' bedrooms being completed. The construction on our home has taken many months and it has finally come to stop for the time being. We have completely remodeled the inside of our home and construction will pick up later this year ( to work on our front yard and driveway). Anyhow, here's the photos of the kids' bedrooms.

DD's pink bedroom with her new big girl bed. She LOVES her new bed.
She has a TV and a little pink sofa in her bedroom too. Grandma and grandpa bought her a piano so that will go into her room later this week.
It's hard to tell, but there are stairs going up to her bed.
Baby G's bedroom. He is using DD's old furniture. When he is old enough to move to a big boy bed we will buying him new stuff then. For now, this is good enough. And, yes, that is a TV in baby G's room. Lol, no the TV is not for the baby, it is for me to watch when I was in there with the baby.
Baby G also inherited DD's old dinosaur toy. Lucky for him that his sister loves boy stuff like dinosaurs and robots, so he gets plenty of hand me downs that way.

Everything is organized. We have baby clothes for him from size o-3 months up to 2t.
My Chinese and not so Chinese friends at the party to celebrate baby G's big day.
Jenni and baby G.
My friend Bushra and her little girl.
People chatting and enjoying the food. We had so much food that we will be eating yummy leftovers for days.

We had a wonderful and fun party. We got to eat great food, everyone got to hold baby G, and my friend bought some really cute clothes, shoes and toys for him to celebrate his big day. He is one very spoiled little guy!
Thank you to Nancy, Irene, Stephine, Jessica, Bushra, Agnes, Di, Ying P, Ying H, Jenni, Ruohmei and Christine for coming!


Eliza Klinger said...

I love the design of your children's bedroom. Yours daughter bed looks amazing!

dailymom said...

He is such a cutie. Congratulations!

Jayna Rae said...

Awesome and fun!!! I think that this is such an awesome Chinese tradition.

TJ @ MeasuringFlower.com said...

Hi, Jennifer! She's such a sweetie! <3 They grow up so fast! My wee one's 1st year b-day is coming up this July! Hey, I have awarded you a Stylish Blogger Award: http://www.measuringflower.com/2011/03/stylish-blogger-award.html Thanks for your great blog!

.laura said...

the pink bedroom is adorable! and so is Baby G!

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