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February 7, 2011

My Little Girl is 5 Years Old !!!

Well, ok, she is not 5 years old yet, but almost... She will be 5 years old next month. Since the doctor announced that I am due any day now, we decided that we would have her birthday party early this year. After all, she is still our little princess and we want to make sure that she would not missed out on having a party just because there is a baby on the way -- especially since the arrival of the new baby will change her life as well.

So this past weekend, we had a big bowling birthday party for her. Here's DD with some of her friends getting ready to have some fun.
DD showing Erik her birthday shirt, she was counting the number of cupcakes on the shirt for him. So cute!
The bumper thing worked really well for all of the kids.
DD talking to Isabella about who should go first.
I was a bit worried that it might get chaotic because we have more than 15 kids and and about the same number of adults at the event. But the kids waited for their turns and they played very nicely with one another.
DD and her daddy!
Showing off her birthday outfit.
DD concentrating on the game.
She was very happy with the result.
When she got tried from bowling, she played with my smart phone.
The kids waiting nicely in line.
Picking up their bowling balls, so cute!
After all that fun, the kids were hungry. We had pizza for everyone.
Then it was cake time.
DD blowing out her birthday candles.
The birthday girl got two slices of cake. Yummy!
The kids enjoying the cake.
There were so many kids, we had to seat them at 2 separate tables.
DD and Meimei (my bff Jessica's little girl).
After we got home, DD got to open up all of her birthday presents. She loved them all !

She's really good at opening presents, lol.
My friend Nancy got her these cute clothes. I know some kids prefer toys, but my daughter loves a pretty outfit as much as she loves a cool toy.
A dinosaur book. She was so excited!
Another doll? Yeah, apparently one can not have enough dolls.
Here's DD with all of her toys. What a lucky little girl!
DD with her bunny mask. What a great start to a new year! The year of the rabbit is sure to bring lots of happiness to her!


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