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January 19, 2011

Tuesday Disneyland Fun with Friends

Julie, Bushra and I decided to take the girls to Disneyland for a day of fun yesterday. To be honest, I was not sure how it was going to work out. I am toward the end of my pregnancy so besides the joy of needing to use the bathroom constantly, I also get exhausted pretty easily. Luckily, I was going with 2 great & wonderful friends who always helped me out when I needed them.

Bushra got there before us so we caught up with her later. Here's the girls waiting for the tram. We had to stop for photos with Chip and Dale.

The girls have never gotten their photos taken with Pinocchio before. They got to do that for the very first time yesterday.
After the girls went on the Alice Wonderland ride, they wanted to take a photo in front of the little door.
The girls also got to do the tea cup ride. Being so pregnant, I did not go on the ride, Julie took the girls on it by herself.
I took this photo while we were on the Pirate’s of the Caribbean ride.
The girls on the carousel ride while Julie waited in line so that the girls could get their pictures taken with Rapunzel.
This was new to us. The last time we visited right before Christmas, Disneyland park did not have a place to visit Rapunzel (from Tangled).
Even though we basically did not wait for any rides at Disneyland yesterday because it was so quiet, the line to see Rapunzel was long. Julie waited 30 minutes in line so that DD and Avery could see Rapunzel for 2 minutes. The girls loved seeing Rapunzel though. We were glad that they got see Rapunzel for the first time ever and they also got some cute pictures with her.

Before we left the park, we tried on some hats just for fun!

We ended up spending the entire day at Disneyland yesterday. I was surprised that I lasted as long as I did. I don't know if I will have the strength to make it there again before the baby comes. But I am super glad that I was able to take DD there with our friends for a day of fun. I want to spend as much quality time with her as possible before the new baby arrives.


Cheryl said...

Oh wow, that looks like so much fun. I haven't been to Disneyland since I was about 9. I am impressed that they already have a Tangled feature there too. That was a great movie. Ah Disneyland is truly a magical place. I hope to take my daughter there someday.

Jamie said...

Wow, I can't believe you spent the whole day at Disneyland pregnant! I barely wanted to walk to our basement to do the laundry. Lol.

I'm your newest follower. I was doing some freelance blog hopping and I saw your button on another blog's sidebar. :)


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