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December 16, 2010

Operation Crab Dinner

Yesterday I met up with my bff Jessica for lunch. After lunch and dessert, we headed to a Korean supermarket for do some grocery shopping. While we were there, we discovered that the supermarket had live crabs were on sale for $2.99 a lb, so I bought 2 crabs for dinner.
When DD got home from preschool, she was so excited to see the live crabs. She got to play with it before we cooked it.

It was a big crab!
I used my super awesome Chinese electric steamer to cook the crabs. DD stood next to the crabs and sang Christmas music to them while we cooked them. My husband thought it was very morbid and he kept on saying that he felt sorry for the crabs.
DD ate a whole crab by herself -- I had to get the meat out of the shells for her though. She thought it was very tasty. Here's a photo of DD staring at her dinner. She was very excited about eating the crab.


Melissa said...

do you cook those things alive?

Owen's Mom said...

Yum! We just got crabs today... I don't have much time, so we will just make a crab Louie. Salad sounded like a good idea before holiday festivities. :)

Cheryl said...

Oh man, how lucky are you. I wish we had live crab to purchase here. One day, I hope to order some fresh lobster and crab. You have a very beautiful daughter and a lovely home.

kellyr78 said...

That was very daring, I couldn't have prepared those myself, but I am sure they tasted great.

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