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November 1, 2010

Halloween Fun

What a week! We moved into our new house! The construction is about 2/3 of the way completed. The rest of it should be done before Christmas (we are keeping our fingers crossed), so we decided to move Halloween weekend. We spent the past 2 weeks packing and slowing moving some stuff over to the new house. Then the day before Halloween, we moved all of the large furniture and our bed over to the new house. We still have some stuff left at our old condo, but we should be able to finish moving the rest in a week. I apologize for not having the pick the winners for some of the giveaways yet, I will do that soon. We been so busy with the move and Halloween that there just wasn't enough of me to go around.

Last week, I took DD and met up with some of my friends and their kids at the local pumpkin patch for a playdate. Here's a photo of the girls holding hands to go to the pumpin patch. So cute! DD feeding the pigs.
That's a lot of pumpkins.

The kids went on a bunch of rides, they had a blast.

This was the best group photo we could get (of the older kids). The babies were in their strollers.

It was so hot that I got DD a snow cone on our way home.
Last Friday. DD's preschool had a Halloween Parade. The parents got to see their kids dressed up for the day.
DD was the Litte Red Riding Hood.
DD's class.
The night before Halloween, DH and I took DD to the pumpkin patch again. After moving and unpacking all day, we decided to take DD to the pumpkin patch as a reward for her because she behaved so well all day long.

Halloween night! While I unpacked some boxes, DH helped DD craved her pumpkin. DD's attention span was only about 2 minutes long. She was so excited about going trick treating that she did not care much about the pumpkin carving. Woohooo! First Halloween in our new house.
Since we were walking around the neighbor for trick treating, we left a bucket of candy by the front door for the kids.
DD going to our neighbor Lynnda's house. By the way, we LOVE our neighbors. They are all so nice. Last week, Lynnda stopped by our house with a plate of Halloween cookies to welcome us to the neighborhood. She also drew a map of all of the house around us with everyone's names and phone numbers on it. How sweet is that!
Daddy helping DD up and down the stairs and walkways.
DD got tired pretty quickly. About 20 minutes into trick treating she announced that she had enough candy and it was time to go home. She decided that she did not want to wear her costume anymore and asked her daddy to carry it for her. Here's my silly husband with it over his head. ROLF!
What a fun and long week!


Lloyd Family said...

Congratulations on moving to your new house! Looks like you have had a fun and busy Halloween!

April said...

How fun! Looks like you had a great Halloween! And congrats on the new home!

Heather said...

I'm glad you guys are moved into the new house and are almost done with construction! I Love all the pictures you posted of Halloween too! Looks like you all had a blast! Those rides looked fun and I LOVE all the pumpkin pictures!


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