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November 18, 2010

Beco Baby Carrier & MOPS Holiday Boutique

What does Beco Baby Carrier have to do with a MOPS Boutique? Well, a lot, actually. I am a member of MOPS (mother's of preschoolers) in my area and each year the MOPS organization hosts a holiday boutique to generate money for it. In addition to offering each other support, MOPS moms also participate in a lot of charity events so raising money for the organization allows us to help out different communities in need. This year, Beco Baby Carrier has very generously donated some carriers to our MOPS organization. MANY THANKS TO BECO BABY CARRIER!
We ended up only raffling one off at the boutique (MOPS sold raffle tickets for different products) to generate additional funding so we can do more to give back to our community. We will be raffling off the other carriers later, but for the boutique, we want to make sure that Beco Baby Carrier got the spot light.
Here's Nikki (she's in charge of the holiday boutique this year) with the Beco Baby Carrier. The carrier got A LOT of attention. Most of the moms have more than 1 child and many of them are either toddlers or infants, so everyone was excited to check out Beco Baby Carrier there.
The morning started with all of us enjoying a nice breakfast before we started shopping and check out the different products featured at the event.
Here's Lisa checking out and modeling the Beco Baby Carrier. Lisa actually owns the ergo baby carrier so we really wanted her to test it out and let us know if she can tell the difference. Lisa said that the Beco Baby Carrier definitely as least as comfortable as the ergo baby carrier, but the Beco Baby Carrier is less bulky so she actually like the Beco Baby Carrier more. The real testament? Well, she walked around the boutique with the Beco Baby Carrier for 10 minutes and her son was falling asleep in it. If that's not a sign of how awesome Beco Baby Carrier is, then I don't know what is ;).
Nancy at the boutique
Lots of moms walking around and checking out the different booths.
The place was busy! It actually took us 2 hours to check out the different booths we were interested in.

I bought a ring for DD at the event. She was so excited by her pretty new ring.

The Beco Baby Carrier was such a hit that a lot of moms waited until the end of the event to find out who is winner is. Everyone wanted to take the Beco Baby Carrier home.
Amy, mommy of 4, won the Beco Baby Carrier. I took this photo because as soon as people find out she won it, there were already other moms asking if they could borrow it. And the carrier was not even in Amy's hands yet. Seriously, I am not kidding, lol!
Amy was excited to have won the carrier. Honestly, as a mommy of 4 (including 1 infant), she deserved to win this.
Thank you to Beco Baby Carrier for their help in making our MOPS boutique a successful one. We were able to sell a lot of raffle tickets and generated additional funding for our organization. The Beco Baby Carrier was a huge hit. We look forward to raffling off the other ones in a couple of months -- especially since the moms who did not win already asked about it :).


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