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October 8, 2010

Things that make me happy !

I overslept this morning and because of it DD was late to school. My schedule was totally off after that. I spent the morning running around and only finishing half of the errands I was supposed to accomplish. Everything took twice as long as it was supposed to, so I decided to just leave some of the work for this weekend. Before meeting my husband for lunch, I stopped by a cupcake shop and picked up some cupcakes for us. DH ate his cupcake at work and I brought ours home.

I got a red velvet cupcake for myself. It was delicious! I got a chocolate cupcake for DD. I could hardly wait for her to come home from school because I knew she would love it.
I picked DD up from preschool in the afternoon and took her to her swimming lesson. Her teacher was not there today and there was a substitute. Her normal teacher is in her early 20's and the substitute teacher was in her 50's. She had a great private lesson with the subsituate teacher. Afterwards, DD said to me, " Wow, my teacher got really old." That was when I realized that she thought her teacher aged that much in just one week. LOL!
After swimming, we went out to dinner with my friend Nancy and her kids. Here's a photo of the kids hugging. I seriously love how well they play together. They are really great kids! I love that when the kids play together, no one is hitting, biting or screaming at the other kids. Yay to no out of control kids!
When we got home from dinner and a playdate at Nancy's, DD got to have her chocolate cupcake for dessert. She was so happy that she asked me to sing "Happy Birthday" to her, lol.
Although the day started sort of rough, it actually turned out really well. I got to eat some yummy cupcakes, I got to enjoy a nice lunch with my husband, I had fun watching DD swim (she is doing really well, by the way), we had a great time having dinner with our friends, and of course, the smile on DD's face when she saw her chocolate cupcake was just priceless. Sometimes I get so busy and overwhelm with things, I forget to enjoy all of the simple little things in life. I am seriously blessed with an awesome family and great friends!


Erin from Long Island said...

I don't know what part of this story I like better......the act that your DD thought her swimming teacher aged rapidly, or that she wanted you to sing to her! Always nice when a rocky start ends sweetly (pun intended)

Melissa said...
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