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October 1, 2010

Photos of Our New House -- Before Remodeling

We are moving! With a new baby on the way, we need more space. Our old condo is already so packed, so we can't imagine trying to having another baby there, thus we made the decision to move. We are not go very far, we still live in the same city. We really like the area. It is close to DH's work and DD's preschool is right down the street, so we are staying in the same area, we just moved to bigger place to make sure there is enough room for the new baby. Here's some photos of the house. I pulled the pictures off MLS, our house looks very different now. It was a short sale. We brought the house from a man in his 50's. His wife divorced him a couple years earlier and all of his kids are grown (married or away at college). His business failed -- according to him, this was why his marriage failed also. The house was on the market for 18 months and it fell out of escrow at least twice -- I could see why since the two banks the previous seller owe money to made some crazy demands, we agreed to all of them because we really wanted the house. When it came back on the market again, we made an offer on it. Since the house was on the market for so long, it was not at all well maintained. The home was built in the 60's, so it needed some work, also because the previous home owner really just let everything go, the home was in a pretty sad state. We decided to buy it because it was a good price for the area and because the view is seriously amazing. We knew we had a lot of work ahead of us as far as fixing the house up, but we decided to do it. We love the layout of the home. More importantly we could see ourselves raising our kids and growing old there. Escrow for our new home closed in the middle of August and we have been remodeling it since then. As such, the house looks very different from, but I thought I would share with you what the house looked like before.

Keep in mind that these photos were taken almost 2 years ago. This what the front of the house looked like.
The sun room, which we will be using as our family room.
The living room.
The kitchen.
Another view of the kitchen.
Yet another view of the kitchen.
The master bedroom.
The bathroom.
Bedroom #1.
Bedroom #2.
There is another bedroom downstairs, but there is no photo for it in the MLS listing. Here's the view looking down from the patio.
The view from the pool looking toward to house and patio/deck area.
Deck (just outside the sun room).
Love this view. I love that when you stand in the backyard, you can't see any of the neighbors' houses.

We have been doing construction for sometime now. I will be posting photos from the constructions shortly :).


Anonymous said...

cool! I love seeing these kinds of pictures! We built our own house so I know what hard work it is!! Good luck to you!

lovingfourblog@yahoo.com said...

congratulations, I hope your new home brings you much happiness!!!

Unknown said...

What an exciting endeavor! I cannot wait to see pictures once it's completed :)

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