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October 10, 2010

Construction Photos

Construction Day 31:
The downstairs tiles are almost done. The workers should be able to finish them tomorrow.

Patio cover is almost completed as well.
The red paint on the kitchen floor is actually a bonding chemical that makes sure the concrete does not crack.
The kitchen faucet getting installed today.
Construction Day 32:
The master bathroom vanity got installed.
The shower head in the master shower got installed. You can get an idea of how large the shower is from DD sitting in it.
The dirty ugly pine cones got removed from the fireplace and ashes had been removed as well.
Downstairs tiles are all done.
The faucets in the kids' bathroom got installed too.
It's hard to see, but there used to a panel of clear glass by the front door. We want to allow the lights in, but I was not a fan of the clear glass so we replaced by glass by decorate designs on it. By doing that, we still get a lot of light but you can't really see into the house.
The living room concrete needed to be even out too.
Patio cover is 99% completed. Just one more day of work to do the finishing details and it will be all done.


Erin from Long Island said...

wow, it sure is coming along nicely! I have tile in my kitchen almost the same as yours. It gets very cold in the winter!

Lloyd Family said...

The house is looking GREAT! I love the patio!

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