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October 8, 2010

Construction Photos

Construction Day 28:
Fireplace is looking nice--I am sure it will look nicer when the boards and the tapes are gone ;)Fireplace in the family room.
House is getting tented today for termits. So, in the morning, we only had 1 person working in the kitchen. He was sanding down the concrete in the kitchen for the installation of tiles next week.
Slowly but surely the tiles downstairs are coming along too.

Construction Day 29:
I never seen so many people working at the house before. There were 10 construction workers and half of them were working on our kitchen counter tops. They set up a place in front of the house to cut the granite.
Putting the counter top in.
Tapes and boards on the fireplace are gone.
New garage door got installed too.
More work on the tiles.
Seriously slow process.
Construction Day 30:
We are hoping that the tiles will be done by tomorrow (then it's tiles for the kitchen).
Granite counter tops are all in. We love the way it looks.
I love how well the bar area turned out.
I was very impressed by the workmanship.
The little area by the window. It will be good for candles and small plants.
The hallway cabinets went in also.
The counter top in the kids' bathroom got installed too. In case you are wondering, "Yes, the kids' bathroom looks like the inside of a egg york." LOL!


Nicole-Lynn said...

How exciting! It all is coming together so nicely! Thanks for sharing! Enjoy! :)

The Book Vixen said...

It's coming together very nice! You must be getting very excited :D

Heather said...

WOW! The granite looks amazing! Doesn't it feel great seeing the improvement every step of the way! I Love to do home improvements. In fact, I just repainted and redecorated my guest bathroom last week! I love it and it really gives you a feeling of accomplishment every time you look at it.
I love turning my home into a "home" ya know? Anyway, I'm glad your beautiful home is coming along and I hope it is done soon so you can start enjoying it!

By the way, I love how open your kitchen is! It seems like it would make it much easier for everyone to move around and not feel crowded. The granite looks fantastic in there too!


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