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October 2, 2010

Construction on our new home

When the previous owner moved out, he left a huge mess for us. He left behind all of his unwanted junk, but ended up taking the garage opener/machine with him. I was seriously irritated. It took 3 days for the construction crew to clear the mess he left behind. This was what the family room looked like. The hallway down to the family room.
He also left a desk downstairs.
The lovely mess he left behind in the garage. Geeze!

We don't really care for this overhang thing, it's so 1960's. We are going to get it removed.

After we removed the abandon junk from the downstairs bedroom, we saw how gross the carpet and the walls were.
So was the downstairs bathroom. Seriously gross!

Construction Day 1:

Carpet removal. You can see the bare floor in the kids' bedrooms.
Closet doors got removed too.

All of the doors inside the house were removed also.
The kids bathroom. I am a not fan of white tiles, can't wait until they are all gone.
Master bathroom. We had the construction crew ripped out the walls, closets, shower, sinks. We were left with nothing but bare walls.
Construction Day 2:

Popcorn ceilings. Yikes! They will be gone soon too.

Kitchen. Everything in the kitchen was removed -- even the kitchen windows. I did not care for the kitchen lay out, so we ripped everything out to redesign it. We are also knocking down one of the side walls.

Construction Day 3:

The overhang in the living room getting knocked down.
The bare floor downstairs.

Construction Day 4:
The mess downstairs got cleaned up.

Construction Day 5:

The overgrown trees and plants got removed today.

Construction Day 6:
Popcorn ceilings got removed and the construction crew also scraped the paint off the walls. Everything that can be pulled out and removed are now gone. We are left with nothing but bare walls and floors.
The yard got a nice clean up too. All of the overgrown plants were cut down and dead plants were removed.

Everything is looking nice and neat.

Construction Day 7:
The walls for the walking in closet in the master went up. Well, at least the frames did :).
The frame for the new master shower.

Looking into the sink area from the walking in closet.

Construction Day 18:
Cable outlet for the flat screen TV got installed in all of the rooms.
There was no stair railing before. Since it will not be safe for the kids, we decided to install some stair case railings.
The overhang thing in the living room is gone and the construction crew patched it all up.
We had the wall knocked down and put up a half wall for a bar.
Master shower is coming along.

Construction Day 22:

Concrete in the garage got pulled out because it was uneven and the garage door did not close right. The neighbors came by and said that when it rains the water runs into the garage, so we were glad to have made the decision to redo the concrete.

Construction Day 23:

The new concrete floor in the garage. Looks just like before, but now it is even and we even installed steel bars under it so that when there's an earth quake the floor won't shift.
Construction Day 24:
Our new doors arrived yesterday and they got installed today.
The pool has been repaired and we filled it up with water again. The pool guy is supposed to come by and clean it soon.
New deck flooring installed, now we are just waiting for the patio cover to arrive to get that installed too.
I was walking around in the backyard and I discovered a lemon on the ground. I was surprised to see it, I thought it fell over from the next door neighbor's yard, and then I realized we actually have a lemon tree in the backyard. I was beyond excited!
The new railings got painted.

Kids' bathroom tiles started to go in today.

Day 25 of Construction:
Kitchen cabinets and the bathrooms vanities arrived yesterday. I was actually impressed by how nice they look. I am especially in love with the drawer features -- the drawers actually slides back in all by themselves if you leave them open, how cool is that :).
My kitchen cabinets.
This is the master bathroom vanity I picked out. Double sinks with marble counter top. Apparently it took 4 men to move it upstairs.
Master shower. Almost all done. Just need to install the shower head and the shower door.
This is what the front of the vanity looks like. It still needs to get installed, can't wait to see the final result.
We removed the brick tiles and adding marble tiles around the living room fireplace.
The tiles around the family fireplace got installed. We are very happy with the way it turned out.


scottsgal said...

Oh my gosh - what a total transformation. It looks wonderful - keep posting updates!

Courtney said...

Wow!! Looks like some HUGE changes - it will be really worth it whe it's finished - looks nice so far!

saskia said...

all I can think is holy crap expensive! fun to see all the pictures

Mimi B said...

I was going to guess this house went thru foreclosure with the mess it was left in. You have done an amazing job! I can't even imagine doing that! Hope it all goes amazingly well for the rest of the time!


Jessica said...

wow! this is a big job! you completely gutted your home! your renovations look great!!

Amanda said...

So much work! I can't wait to see the final pictures!

Rachel said...

Wow, that is some extensive renovation but it looks like it will be worth it in the end!

Unknown said...

The progress thus far is a HUGE improvement! I can't wait to see the finished product :)

Burning Moon said...

Wow I can't believe the huge mess that guy left behind I wouldn't have been very happy either,You have made a lot of major improvments

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