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September 22, 2010

A Walk Down Halloween Memory Lane

Where did all the time go? I can't believe that Halloween is just around the corner. Are you thinking about what you are getting for your kids or have your kids told you what they wanted to be for Halloween yet? My friend Nancy told me that her 5 year old daughter has already picked up her outfit (she is going to be a witch). I guess I am lucky in that DD just does not care what she dresses up as. For her, it's all about the candy. As long as she gets to go from house to house and ask for candy, that's all that matters, lol.

So I have been thinking about what to get for DD this Halloween (especially since she does not care). In the past, it was easy. I just make a stop at Baby Style and I always find something I like there. Since Baby Style has gone out of business, I am completely uncertain of what I should pick up for DD this year. You know, it just seems to me that the Halloween costumes for the older kids just aren't as cute as the ones they make for infants and toddlers.

I gathered up some pictures of DD from the previous years. It was so fun to look at the old photos.

Year 2006:
DD's first Halloween. I went a little overboard and I brought 2 costumes for her. She was a cow.
And an octopus.
Year 2007:
She was a cute peacock. She was so popular in her outfit that we constantly got stopped by strangers to tell us how adorable she looked when we went to California Adventure to do our trick treating.

Even the back of the costume was cute.
Year 2008:
DD was a peacock again. The costume was a bit different because it covered her entire body. Dennis (Nancy's husband) and my husband took the kids trick treating. I was told by DH that everyone loved DD's outfit.

Year 2009:
DD dressed up as a Disney Princess and she also wore 2008 peacock costume again ( she could barely fit in it, but she managed wearing it on Halloween night).
I am not sure what DD will be this year yet. What are you getting for your kid/kids?


Jessica said...

i love the peacock costumes!!! i've never seen that! i was thinking of doing Bamm Bamm from the Flintstones because my son's nickname is Bam (for Bamm Bamm).. or doing Brobee from Yo Gabba Gabba because it's his favorite show!

Kacie said...

I think I am dressing my little one as a duck this year...

Momma B said...

I love the Halloween pics, over the years!

I think my two youngest girls will be something that I have come up with...probably the lady bug and the puppy dog, because those are the costumes they asked for in the first place! I have made a few others since then, but I think I am going to hold them to their first choice, or try!

Ashley said...

i LOVE the peacock costume! my daughter was a flower last year, and she is going to be a lady bug this year.

Romina said...

My son will be The Green Lantern this year. He has been a Justice League superhero since his first Halloween (Superman and Batman in previous years).

Maggie said...

Cute peacock costume! My older son will be a dinosaur (obsessed!) and my youngest will be Thomas (also obsessed)!

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