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September 14, 2010

Disneyland Tuesday

We have been going to Disneyland with my friend Julie and her little girl Avery. Although I liked taking DD to Disneyland on my own in the past, but because I am pregnant I am not able to go on a lot of rides plus I get so exhausted so easily. I decided to continue to take DD there despite my state of being. We have season passes so it would be waste to not use them. Also, I want to make sure she gets to enjoy Disneyland as much as possible because soon enough I will really be too prego to take her and I can't imagine going there with a new infant after the baby arrives. Luckily, I have great friends like Julie. We take the girls to the park and she would take the girls on the rides I can't go on. of course, she is also fun to hang out with :). We took the kids to California Adventure and spent the day there. The girls had a blast. Here's some photos I took of the girls.


TheManager said...

oh, how fun would that be! someday i hope to make it to a Disney park!!

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