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September 13, 2010

DH's Company Picnic

Every summer, DH's company hosts a company picnic party for all of its employees and this year was no exception. We always have a blast every year so we were excited to attend it again this year.

For the 3rd year in a row, DH's company set up a summer picnic event at a party event place with lots of food and fun things for the kids to do. When we got there, we had lunch. Lunch was BBQ beef, BBQ chicken, corn, fruits and 2 different kinds of salads. Along with the food, there is also a soda fountain station, a hot dog stand and a pop corn stand. Here's DD right after finishing her lunch. The party place had rides for the kids. DD asked her daddy to take her on all of the rides as soon as she finished eating. While I was still finishing my lunch, they were off having fun.

DD loved the swing ride, she laughed the entire time she was on it.
The fish ride was really cute too.
There were very few kids on the ride. The nice thing about the place is that the entire area was reserved for DH's company. DD did not have to wait for the rides. If there was any wait at all, it was less than 5 minutes.

After the rides, we decided to wait in line to have our caricatures drawn. Here's DD in her new stroller. It was pretty crazy how often we got stopped because people wanted to check out DD's new stroller. A man (with 3 kids) even stopped me and told me that DD's stroller was the nicest stroller he has ever seen.
The line for the caricatures were a bit long, so while DH waited in line for it, I took DD to another booth to get a spray-on tattoo. She was very impressed by her new tattoo.
DH waiting to get his caricature done.
This was the artist who drew us. He drew DD and me first, and added DH last.
After the caricatures and some nice hot coco and iced chai tea from the coffee stands, we were back to the ride area for more rides.
I took these photos of DD while we waited in line. I have no idea why she was doing the weird poses. In the background, you can see the lake. You can fish there too, but we chose not to do it.

She wanted to do the fish ride again.

No hands! What a brave girl!
I took more photos of DD while we waited for another ride. Actually, her daddy was standing in line for her.

Here's DD and DH waiting in line.
DD found a leaf.

DD and DH. This was the last photo I took before we grabbed some popsicles and headed out. (You know, I just realized that there isn't a single photo of me. I should have asked my husband to take at least one photo of me at the event. Oh, well....).
The company DH works for is soooo awesome. Not only that they pay for summer picnics and Christmas parties at the Disney hotel every year, DH also gets tons of awesome benefits at work as well (such as being able to wear whatever he wants-- which means that he wears t shirts and shorts all year long, free dinners when he works over time, margaritas served at business meetings, parties/vacations in Vegas for its employees plus spouse). We are so lucky that DH loves his job and he works at such a wonderful company!


Jessica said...

wow! sounds like a great time was had! i need my husband to work for the company your hubby works for! heehee! you guys are blessed!

mommy2luke2008 said...

WOW! That sounds like an awesome company to work for! Wish I had a job like that! Looks like you guys had a BLAST!!!

Anonymous said...

Wowzer! That's awesome. How fun! I love your posts about your family!

~Stacy~ said...

looks like you guys had a wonderful day! what a great Co. picnic....your daughter is absolutely adorable!!!

Pixie said...

I wanna live in California SOOOOOOO bad!!!!!! We visited for the first time this past summer!

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