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September 6, 2010

DD's First Hair Cut

Since DH had the day off work today and we did not have any plans, we told DD that we would take her to get her very first hair cut after lunch today. Yes, first hair cut! DD is 4 years old but never had a hair cut before, so this was going to be her very first hair cut in her life time. We went out to lunch and then took her to a local kids salon to get her hair cut. After finding out that the wait for a hair cut was going to be an hour long, we canceled our plans and headed home. DD was devastated. She was really looking forward to getting a hair cut and she cried all the way home.

While I tried to comfort her by telling her that we will try again tomorrow, DH suggested that I cut DD's hair. I have heard many horror stories about hair cuts gone bad, so I was not so sure. After we got home, DD insisted that she needed a hair cut and was still very upset so I decided to take a chance and cut her hair myself. Here's DD's hair before the cut. About half way through the hair cut.
15 minutes later!
I ended up cutting about 7 inches off. DD did great. She was not at all upset by the hair cut. Actually, she was very excited about her new hair cut and could not wait to run upstairs to show it off to her daddy.
Here's DD with her hair in her hand.
Everything worked out in the end. DD got the hair cut she wanted. I could hardly believe that I actually managed to cut her hair straight, lol. My husband was especially excited because we saved $30 -- that's how much tip plus the cost of the hair cut would have been. Hooray to DD's first hair cut!


April said...

Wow! You are brave! I would have been scared to cut my little girl's hair, but DD looks great and you saved money too! Woo!Hoo!!!

blueviolet said...

It turned out really great and she looks so cute!

Crystal Biehl said...

You did a great job!! I could never be that brave!!

What a sweet girl you have!

Angela (Library Girl Reads) said...

I have a feeling my daughter could easily be four before she has her first hair cut too but only because she doesn't have enough hair to cut!

You are really brave for cutting it yourself - it looks great!

Jessica said...

great job! my son got his first haircut at 10 months & it made me so sad because he looked so much older.. he's in need of another cut, but i don't know if i want to again.. he's looking like a baby again! ha!

Angela Livingston said...

How cute! I cut my boys' hair too. I just can't see spending the money.

New follower from Trailing Tuesdays


Stuff Parents Need said...

Good work, mom!

Lolly Jane said...

she's a cutie, 1st haircut! what a milestone!

just found your blog, am a new follower. come visit us sometime. :)


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