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June 28, 2010

Great Start of a Fun Summer

DD started summer school last week and to kick start a fun filled summer we were busy doing a lot of fun things. Since we are unable to go to Disneyland on Tuesday because of blocked out dates, we ended up doing something that's just as fun as going to Disneyland. My friend Julie was so sweet. She hosted a pool parties and invited us (and our friends to attend). Julie got there early to set up balloons and we were the first ones to arrive. DD was really excited about spending the day playing in the pool.
I thought the water was a little too cold for me, but clearly the kids had no problems jumping into the pool.
DD had a lot of fun playing in the pool.
She is not a swimmer yet, but I am hoping that the swimming lessons will help :).
Just hanging out...
After spending a couple of hours playing in the pool, we had lunch, and Julie had something else fun set up for the kids. Can you guess what the kids were waiting for?
Waiting with anticipation.
Did you guess it? Julie got a pinata for the kids. There is nothing more fun than beating candy and toys out of a pink castle :P.
What do you think? Maybe a future softball player?
Each kid got to give the pinata a firm beating. After sometime, the kids realized that maybe it was not so easy to beat the candy and toys out of it. Can you see the boredom on their faces? ROFL!
Finally, one of the older kids tore it open so the younger ones could get to the toys and candy. Here's a photo of DD trying to get her loot.
The kids at the pool party (minus the infants).
After a fun filled Tuesday, we were excited to go to the beach club with our friends on Thursday. While DD was at school on Wednesday, I went to the toy store and picked up a few toys for the kids to play with there. One of the things I picked up was a pack of water guns (5 of them for $5.99). Probably one of the best purchases I made -- although we ended up coming home with only one of them, lol. Apparently the other 4 mysteriously disappeared while all of us were eating lunch.
Yes, the girls love their water guns!
Yeah, I did not enjoy having water shot at my face while I was trying to take photos of them.

Baby E.
Since the water guns disappeared (most likely picked up by other kids there), our kids ended up playing with the sand.
So happy together!

Between the 4 of us (Nancy, Lara, Nikki and myself) we have 7 kids and 2 infants. I could not believe how well everyone played together. Although the babies just sat there and did not do much, the older kids (preschoolers) behaved so well. No one got hit, no one hit anyone, no one screamed or yelled, and no one cried. It was one of the nicest playdate I had in a long time. It was so clam and relaxing that I almost forgot that the kids were there, lol.


A. Smith said...

Haha, my daughter's still too young for the hitting but I remember all the playdate riots I was in when I was a kid so my mom must have said the same thing to herself if we got along "wow, are the kids still here", lol

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