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June 13, 2010

Friday Night Playdate

My bff Jessica came over with her husband and kids on Friday night for a dinner playdate. I made some home made pizza dough in the afternoon so that when they came over the kids can make their pizzas. I only have a few photos because as usual when I am having fun, I forget to take photos :P. The girls putting the toppings on the pizza.
Working hard for their dinner.
Yum, yum!
The pizza the girls made. Not exactly a pretty pizza, but it was yummy nonetheless.
The kids happily ate the pizzas they made.
Jessica and I also made a vegetarian pizza with lot of healthy stuff on it. After dinner, the kids played and the adults hung out. It was so awesome to have the kids playing so nicely together in the living room, while Jessica and I chatted over great coffee in the kitchen. My hubby and Jessica's hubby were somewhere else in the house socializing.

I am so lucky to have a bff like Jessica. Even luckier to have everyone in our families to get along so well. We used to vacation together and we always have such a wonderful time together, so I think we might try to coordinate our schedule to give it a go again later this year.


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