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May 19, 2010

Selling a blog?

No, not me, I am not selling my blog. My friend Jenni told me that someone emailed her because the woman wanted to sell her blog. Her asking price? $2,600. Jenni wanted to know what I thought, I threw her my 2 cents-- which I am not even sure if it's worth 2 cents, lol.

So, for all of you curious cats out there, her blog PR ranking is 3. Her alexa ranking is too sad to mention here and her blog has a little over 600 backlinks. Her blog has a twitter account that has 16 followers. Hey, I was curious too, so I looked her blog up and checked out her stats. No, sorry, I am not going to share the woman's blog url here. But this whole thing got me thinking. The woman claims that she made over $400 a week from her blog (I am guessing from ads and product reviews). Who knows, it is very possible she did.

After checking out her site and her stats, I began to wonder. How did she come up with that sticker price? Also, who would buy her blog? So, for all of you bloggers and non-bloggers out there, I want to hear your thoughts.

If you own a blog, would you consider selling your blog? How would you calculate the value of your blog?

If you do not own a blog, would you buy someone's blog? How much are you willing to pay? What sort of things would you be looking for if you are interested in buying a blog.

Last but not least, what are your thoughts on this whole blog selling thing?


Shellie said...

If I wanted to start a blog I would want to do it fresh right off the bat. I don't want someone else's blog baggage. Sounds fishy to me.

debra92691 said...

Now that I am established I would not buy another blog. When I got started I might have it would have been very tempting especially since it is so hard to get established and it takes so much work. Honestly i work harder and longer hours on my blog then I have at any job. I guess I need to start selling some ad space $400 a week is really exciting especially since I make $0 a week with my blog =)I do wonder how she came up with the price very interesting. I am so googling "blog sale" after I comment! =)

Monique,Gerry and family said...

Yeah- I'd like to know how to make money with my blog too. Sure I do get giveaway items, the odd advertising comes my way, but not alot of people are "buying".

Jaime said...

Hmmm interesting. I would NEVER buy somebody's blog just for the fact it isn't MY creation or MY hardwork that built up the reputation.

I need to figure out how to earn with mine, too...lol

Jenni C. said...

I thought about it only because I like the idea of not having to start from ground zero. I know nothing about starting a blog and would have to spend hours with you and Debra picking your brains. I told Angela that I think you, her, and Debra should write a handbook on how to start a blog -- everything from site maintenance to PR to how to handle reviews etc. I'll be your editor! :)

Angi said...

I don't know if I'd want to buy somebody's blog. I think I'd rather put it in the time to learn before jumping in.

I nominated you for an award. Read my post for more information about the award.

Angi from Tim and Angi's Family Blog

js22 said...
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