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May 11, 2010

Pictures and Updates

I haven't been good about posting DD's photos, I know, what's new, right? Anyhow, so here's my post with 2 weeks worth of photos. Last week I took DD to Disneyland. I did not take many photos. If you have been there before, you know that it's almost impossible to get photos when you are on the rides. And since we have been there so many times, taking photos with the Disney characters are not very exciting anymore.

Here's a photo of DD with Goofy. On the little car outside of the Mr Toad's adventure.
2 weekends ago we went to a house warming party (DH's coworker just brought a house down the street from ours). The house is beautiful and their dogs are the cutest things ever! Here a photo of one of them.
The kids were totally in love with the dogs. After the house warming party, DD asked DH for a dog for several days.
DD tried really hard to get the dog to come out, but she was not having any of it.
Seriously cute!
After the house warming party, we went to a local mall to get our cell phone contract renewed. DH brought me a Motorola Droid as my Mother's Day present. He also got one for himself (since it was buy one get one free).
Last Saturday, I took DD to a Mother and Daughter event. It was ok, although I thought it was overpriced for what you get and I probably will not be doing it again in the future. DD had fun for a while, and then it all went down hills....
Before the event started, DD played with her friends.
DD with the fake Disney characters (yeah, can you tell that we are totally spoiled by our trips to Disneyland, lol).
DD checking out the pretty lake.
My pretty princess.
DD waiting for her meal to come.
This is what a $12 meal looks like.... Yeah, I kid you not.
Me and my friend Nancy. I normally look horrible in pictures, but I thought this one turned out pretty well.
I love this photo of me with DD.
The kids did not want to eat their $12 meals. Instead, they wanted to color... ROFL!
Where in the world is DD?
Although I was not impressed by the mother daughter event, I came home to this! While we were gone, DH built the Step2 Naturally Playful Countryside Cottage (Many thanks to Step2 for sending the playhouse for us to review. I will be posting my review for it soon).
On Sunday (Mother's Day), DH was not feeling well so he went to urgent care while I took DD to visit the grandparents to help celebrate Mother's Day with DH's mom. We came home on Sunday afternoon. While DH was not feeling much better, he was able to get some medication from the doctor's. On Sunday night, DH was feeling worst. I ended up gathering everyone up and loaded them into my car to take DH to the ER. We spent the night at the ER and came home about 6 AM Monday morning. DH is doing ok, he is having some medical problems. He is in a lot of pain all of the time but the situation is not life threatening. After battling with the doctors for 2 months, we finally managed to get a referral to a specialist today. The earliest appointment we could get is in 2 weeks, so starting tomorrow morning, we will be calling the specialist everyday to check for any canceled appointments so that we can try to go see him sooner rather than later.

DD, by the way, was amazing. Even though she did not get to sleep at all Sunday night because DH was in the ER, she was good the whole night. She behaved so well the entire night, I was really proud of her. Because she did not sleep at all Sunday night, we spent most of the Monday sleeping, which also means that she missed preschool too. I felt bad for her because she loves going to school, but she was too exhausted to go.

Today, I decided to take DD to Disneyland as a reward to her. After spending the night at the ER and being so good, I thought she really deserved a day of fun. As soon as we got there, she got to take a photo with Minnie.
DD on the Alice in Wonderland ride.
DD waiting for the Tiki room to start.
If you haven't been in the Tiki Room before, you should give it a try. DD loves watching the birds, flowers and the Tiki Gods sing. This is what the outside of the Tiki Room looks like.
DD next to the water fountain inside the Tiki Room.


Shellie said...

These are adorable pictures! I wish I was a kid again.

one frugal lady said...

These are great pictures! How much fun!!

sharonjo said...

I hope you know how lucky you are to live so close to Disneyland! And glad you are able to take full advantage!

That Garfield doggie house is the cutest thing ever--almost as cute as the little doggie. But not as cute as the little munchkins!

Hope your husband is feeling well soon. Thanks for sharing the fun photos.

LeeAnn said...

Great pictures! It looks like your daughter loves everything Disney. We live real close to Disney World and I imagine we will be there a lot over the next few years.

I hope your husband is OK and I hope he feels better soon!

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