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May 26, 2010

Parties and more parties

A couple of weekends ago, I took DD to some birthday parties. DH was not feeling well due to his nerve pains. Since a few days before that we had just gone to the ER, I was not sure about leaving the house (worried that if he needed help I would not be home to assist him). He thought we should go because we had already RSVPed for the parties weeks before. So, I ended up taking DD to them. 2 on the same day. Man, I was tired. Not DD though, she was perfectly fine. I wish I have her endless supply of energy.

So, the birthday party we went to in the morning was at a local petting zoo. I haven't been there before because I have heard that the place was overpriced. I was pleasantly surprised by how much fun DD had there. Although I am not still not sure if the ticket price really warrants the activities provided there (because you still have to pay for each little thing you do once you get in).

Ok, enough about that... So, here's a bunch of photos I took of DD. She had a great time feeding the bunnies and holding guinea pigs. As you can see from the photos, she went through a lot of them. I think she thought she could take one home. DD's friend Katie was there too. She adores Katie!I love this photo of DD. I caught it on my camera just in time. She was screaming for Katie to come over and check out her new guinea pig.
DD, katie and Lindsay waiting for their horse rides.Yes, a real horse ride. This is DD's very first horse ride. She was pretty excited. That smile just said it all!DD also got to feed some goats. It was all fun and game at first, then... well, the goats went nuts, got really aggressive and tried to knock DD down. We left the feeding area pretty quickly after that.After the first party was over, we went home for a short nap and then we were off to the second party. The second part was at a local bounce house. All of the kids were wearing pj's because it was a night time pj party.I know you can't tell, but one of the kids in the bounce house was DD.The kids also got to play with the different bounce houses in the dark. Like a night club for kids? LOL!DD enjoying pizza with the birthday girl.


LeeAnn said...

We have gone to several bounce house parties but that is the first I have seen in the dark with PJs! Too cool!

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