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April 22, 2010

Lots and Lots of photos ^_^

I haven't been very good about posting the photos I took of DD, so here they are! DD had a week off from preschool a couple of weeks ago. During her Spring break, we did a lot of things to make sure she kept busy.

First of all, here'a photo of DD with her favorite baby sitter, Tiffany! Ok, we only have one baby sitter, but I can assure you that even if we had more than 1, Tiffany would still be DD's favorite. Tiffany has been DD's baby sitter ever since she was 6 months old. DD adores Tiffany. She calls her "My Tiffany," and she loves it when Tiffany comes over to babysit. I used to teach night classes at the local college, so Tiffany was watching DD regularly. However, because of the budget cut, my job was eliminated. Tiffany does not come as often as she used to, but DD's love for Tiffany has not diminish one bit. One of the things we did pretty often was going to Debra's house for visits. During one of our visits, Debra had the girls help her making strawberry smoothies. Yummy!
DD dumping the strawberries in to the blender.
In this photo, DD was wearing a skirt we received to review. She loved it so much that she insisted on wearing it right away. I took a quick photo of her in it, I will have to try to get better photos later :).
DD wore this cute dress that I will also be reviewing next month.
At some point (I can't remember when), we met Angela and her kids at Chick-fil-A for an afternoon playdate. Here's Mason enjoying his chicken. Yummy!
DD loved her food too!
On another day, we went to a park with some of our friends for a craft playdate.
We (the mommies) used masking tape to tape out letters and then had the kids paint the entire sheet of paper.
While we waited for the craft project to dry, DD ran around the park for some much needed fun ;).
When the paint is dried, you take the masking tape off. DD did an "A" here. If you want to do something fun, you can either do the entire alphabet, or do your child's name.
After running around at the park and doing her craft project, DD was ready to head home.
The following photos were taken at Debra's house. We were over at her house (yet again) for a playdate. She has a cool pond filled with fish in the backyard and the kids love checking it out.

The kids eating lunch together after playing for what seemed like hours.


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