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April 11, 2010

Hmmm, where are you taking that child?

So, awhile back we were at the mall taking care of our cell phones (renewing our contracts and what not). DD was getting bored so I told DH to walk around with her while I got the paperwork completed. Half of an hour later, DH came back and was a bit upset. I asked him what happened and he said that a woman stopped them and wanted to know where he was taking the child. Apparently, she thought that he was kidnapping her. ROFL! Ok, of course, I started laughing right away because apparently DD looks nothing like her father so a random stranger thought that he was kidnapping her. DH, by contrast, was not at all amused. He explained that he was the father and started walking around. Then the woman followed them for a while to make sure DD did indeed know him. LOL! My response to DH was that I wish more people are like that. Seriously! I have heard so many times that child abuse goes unreported because bystanders don't want to interfere with whatever is going on with the family. If my child was actually getting abused or kidnapped, I would hope that someone would report it right away.

So here's a photo of DD and DH from last summer (sorry I can't seen to find a more recent photo of them side by side). What do you think? Do they look totally unrelated? LOL!


Nancyk_79@yahoo.com said...

no to me they look somewhat alike. I know that the Asian gene is strong but common they have the same shape face and lips. Besides was DD crying? Or acting at all like DH was not the father? Its a little weird and rude what about all the parents that adopt?

Familylicious said...

You have heard what I think I think DD looks just like DH. Just an Asian version of him. She totally has his face.

Carrie said...

My daughter looks so much like my (Chinese) husband that I've had people ask me where I adopted her from. My son though, looks just like me (Caucasian), so my husband does get odd looks on occasion when they're out together.

I am glad the woman cared enough to ask- better safe than sorry in some things! I wouldn't have had the courage though :)

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