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April 13, 2010

BLOGGERS BRUNCH in LA (presented by Child's Play)

We spent a fun day at a Bloggers Brunch in LA today. Debra (Familylicious), Angela (Nine More Months) and I left our kids behind to attend this event-- don't worry, they were in good hands. After a chaotic morning trying to get out of the house, we finally made it to the Bloggers Brunch event. We had been talking to each other about the event for days and we were super excited about meeting all sponsors for this event. When I told DH that Bandai was going to have a booth there, he was more excited than I was, lol.

Despite the troubles we had getting out of the house, traffic was light heading up to LA, so we made it there in less than an hour. We arrived a bit early so I used that time to take photos of the nice booths. Pottery Barn Kids had nice beach bags and beach towels for all of the bloggers who attended the event.
Bandai's booth was filled with fun toys. I am glad I did not bring DD because she would probably have tried to run off with everything on that table, lol.
Nickelodeon's booth. It was also filled with fun toys that DD would love to own-- she is a fan of Dora.
Dyson! I got to "test drive" one of their vacuums. It was amazing!
In addition to getting to meet all of the sponsors for this event, there was also wonderful, tasty, yummy food there. Here's Cindi from Litttle Yaya's and Blessed.
The guy who made my delicious omelet ;).
Angela with her food. (Seriously, the food was yummy. I wish I could eat like this everyday ^_^).
Debra at the Pottery Barn Kids booth.
At the end of the event, there was a raffle to win great prizes. I won 1 year supply of ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery. It was pretty funny because when they announced the prize, I turned to Debra and said to her, "That's a prize I SHOULD NOT win." Thinking to myself that I would just eating at Cold Stone Creamery everyday until I got really sick. Without missing a beat, as soon as I finished my sentence, I was picked as the winner. ROFL. Debra won a huge bag of Bandai toys. But the luckiest person was Angela. She won a $500 Dyson vacuum. Most of us joked about robbing her in the parking lot because that was an amazing prize. I am so excited and happy for her!
Here's the 3 of us with our loot. Doesn't it look like we robbed a store or something, lol! We got a lot of stares as we attempted to make our way toward the parking structure.
We filled up Angela's trunk with all of our goodies! Good thing we carpooled in her van!
Here's my loot! I took a photo as soon as I got home so you can see the amazing products I got. DD was overjoyed by the amount of the toys I came home with. She is one lucky 4 year old!
"What's in it for me?" You might want to know. Well, in addition to the fun stuff I got for DD, I also scored some fun things for my readers. Stay tune for some fun giveaways coming up ;).

Many thanks to Child's Play for putting this fun, exciting and amazing events together. It was so great to meet all of the sponsors -- all of them were so nice! I really enjoyed checking out all of the products as well as meeting other bloggers too.

Last but not least, thank you to all of the sponsors! Nickelodeon, Cold Stone Creamery, Pottery Barn Kids, Pajama Jeans, Bandai and Summit Toys/Backyard Safari Outfitters!


♥Yaya's Mommy ♥ said...

WHOO HOOO. SO MUCH FUN! Look at all those AMAZING prizes. You guys DEFINITELY drove the lucky car. Next time I am following your car for sure. :) Had a blast.

Angela @ Nine More Months said...

I love the last picture. Why didn't anyone tell me my dress was unbuttoned?!

Sugar Pop Ribbons said...

Angela, probably because we were too excited about the loot to pay attention to anyone ;). ROFL!

debra92691 said...

I had so much fun! I am so glad we got to go up together. We won some great stuff!

Jennifer H said...

Fun! I can't wait to see what's next for your giveaways. You've already got some amazing ones!! :)

Nancyk_79@yahoo.com said...

oh man I am so jealous.

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