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April 3, 2010

Another Easter Egg Hunt Playdate

After DD's gymnastic class this past Thursday, we met up with our friends at the park for another fun filled playdate. We had a potluck lunch so everyone got to enjoyed some delicious yummy snacks. My friend Angela made some tasty low fat deviled eggs and I ate way too much for my own good.

Here's a photo of DD eating and talking to Kaia.
Each mom brought Easter Eggs and we tossed them all over the park for the kids. It was nice because the park is huge and we were the only people there.
Where's the eggs?
DD ran very quickly to make sure that she got as many eggs as possible.
This was her "where's more eggs" look.
Why is it impossible to get a photo of the kids. I love that not a single kid was looking at the camera. Really?!
You know why the kids were not looking at the camera? This is what they were doing... too busy looking into their Easter baskets and eating candy. During the chaos of Easter Egg hunting, a sheriff came and asked moms who parked in the no parking zone to move their cars. Apparently, the sign was hard to see so a few moms did not realized that they could not park there. I got lucky because I parked my car at Debra's house and walked with her to the park. Mason was totally cracking me up. He asked the sheriff why she was not going to give his mom a ticket -- as though Angela was going to miss out on something cool. ROFL!
Mason's daddy was there to help out with the kids (he took the day off work). I mentioned this before, but I am going to say it again. I love it when Andrew (Mason's daddy) comes to playdates. He is soooo good with the kids. I don't know any other dad who would allow all of the kids to abuse him this way.

As usual, we had a wonderful time with our friends. We will be spending Easter Sunday with our family.
On Wednesday, DD's preschool teacher asked her what she was thankful for since Jesus sacrificed himself for us (for the past 2 weeks, DD's preschool was teaching the kids about Easter and what it means). DD drew a picture at school and she said, " Thank you Jesus for noodles." Yes, you can clearly see what's important to my child. ROFL!


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