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March 12, 2010

Let this be a lesson to me (and maybe to you too)

After I dropped DD off this morning, I headed for Taco Bell headquarter (they contacted me and asked me to go in for a half hour survey). I was running late for my appointment and realized that I did not have enough gas in my car to make it there, so I stopped for gas. There was a problem with the machine, so I had to walk in to pay (which I almost never do). I was on my way to Taco Bell after that.

I arrived at Taco Bell headquarter and much to my horror, I noticed my wallet was gone. I remembered leaving it on my driver seat (after I took out some cash to pay for gas), and then I also remembered that I never locked my car door when I went inside to pay for the gas. I realized that someone must have taken my wallet out of my unlocked car and it was long gone. I called DH. I can't recall what I said, but I am sure that I sounded like a frantic lunatic. DH was very supportive and gave a bunch of suggestions on what I can do to resolve some problem that were immediately at hand. You see, since DD's birthday party is tomorrow, I took out quite a bit of cash to buy the party supplies today. So, I had no money to buy the stuff needed for DD's birthday party and I had a long list of things I needed to do to get DD's birthday party ready for tomorrow. Finally, after a lot of crying (on my part), I made my way back to the gas station to file a police report. I was sooo mad at myself. All I could think about was how stupid can a person be to leave her wallet in such a visible place inside a unlocked car. Apparently, I was that stupid.

I asked the cashier at the gas station if anyone has turned in a wallet (hoping for the best). When he said no, my heart just sank. I think that's when I began to cry again. "My whole life is in that wallet," I thought. Then, another gas station attendant walks in and said that someone did turn in a wallet just a few minutes ago. Well, I got my wallet back! Ok, all of the cash was gone. BUT I got my wallet back. I admit that it totally sucks someone took the money I was planning on using for DD's birthday party, but I am counting my lucky stars that I got my wallet (with my ID, credit cards, insurance cards, and atm card) back.

I am partly responsible for what happened to me today. I was in such a hurry I did not take the proper cautions that everyone should. I shouldn't have left my wallet in my car and I should not have left it unlocked even if I was only going to step away for a couple of minutes.

In the end, I got my wallet back. I consider losing the money as paying for a lesson. You can bet that I am never ever going to do that again!

After I got my wallet back, I called Taco Bell and apologized for missing the appointment. Their PR person was so lovely. She totally understood how upset I was and that I missed my appointment for a good reason. I was told to go back to the office and she was going to fit me in for the next open spot. I only had waited for 2 minutes once I arrived there and the survey (a taste test) only lasted for 5 minutes. I got paid $50 for it, so it was totally awesome. It did not cover all of the money that got stolen out of my wallet, but it is better than a sharp stick in the eye and I am still totally grateful to have my wallet back.

I spent the rest of the day running around like a mad woman trying to get everything ready for tomorrow's party, so if I haven't respond to your email yet, I apologize. Things are a bit chaotic right now.

I will post photos from the birthday party (finally founded my camera ^_^).


Unknown said...

omg im so sorry. what a nightmare for you. i just want to tell you thanks for all the effort you put in to your blog and in to the giveaways. thanks and chin up

Jennifer H said...

That's awful!! So sorry to hear that. You are going to request new ccd/debit cards right?? Even though you got them back, it doesn't mean they did not copy your info down and will use it online or something. I worked in the fraud dept for a credit union for several yrs-this is very common so I would high suggest ordering new cards. I hope the party goes well!!

Gosfam said...

so sorry about the wallet I know how that feels. sadly I have lost my wallet on 2 different occasions and could have been more :) I should right a post about my mishaps. I hope the birthday party is awesome and you enjoy your weekend

Unknown said...

I'm so glad you got your wallet back, but it sucks that someone would take it and take your money. Thanks for posting, I'm sure I've made that mistake before too...reminds us to be more cautious.

one frugal lady said...

I know that is such a horrible feeling! I reached for my wallet once at the grocery store, to find I had left it in the previous store... I hate that feeling.
Although my wallet was returned as well, we still got hit with identity theft! Keep an eye on your accounts!

Christina - Rant Rave Roll said...

I'm so sorry that happened. What a terrible day. Glad you got the wallet & most of the contents back.

Rachel C said...

Wow, what a day! Hope all goes well with the party :)

Patty (Mummatutu) said...

Did you still file the police report? I would have. Did the gas station have cameras? Most do now. Maybe the cops can pull the tape. Crooks are stupid you know. The person probably pulled there car up in plain view of a camera showing their license plate. If you can prove the amount of money you had say with a withdrawal slip from the atm with the time on it. The cops will prosecute for that amount. It's happened to a girl I work with. She accidentally left an envelope of money on a counter a Walmart and some old lady watcher her, picked it up, watcher her walk out and then proceeded to pay for HER items with a CHECK DUH!! So, needless to say Walmart knew right away who she was and the cops went to her house looking for the money. lady claimed she didn't know but the tapes showed otherwise. She was procesuted for the full amount my coworkers paycheck she had just cashed. And NO I do not work at walmart LOL

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