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March 13, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Princess!

We had a birthday party at the park for DD today. I made 48 cupcakes for the birthday party. The Wilton cupcake stand was put into great use. Check out how cute it was! Thank you Wilton for making DD's birthday party extra special.
Here's a photo of the spread. We served vegets, fruits and chips while we waited for DH to pick up pizzas for the party.
The goodie bags also turned out adorable. The tags were custom made just for DD's party (I will be writing a review and offering a giveaway of your own custom made party supplies next week, so keep an eye out for it ^_^).
The birthday girl.
One of the highlights of the party, Skitter cars. I had one and my friend Debra brought hers to the party for the kids to ride. The kids just LOVE them!

I prepared several things for the kids to do. First, we buried treasures (rings and little zoo animals) in the sandbox for the kids to dig out.
I think DD was holding a hippo she found in the sandbox.
DH talking to Debra's husband, Mike.
We love having parties at the park because there is so much for the kids to do.
I also brought a bunch of crafts for the kids to work on. In this photo, DD was playing with the monkey she made.
The parents helping their kids with the crafts. Because we had limited seating, so the kids had to do their crafts in waves.
DD also made a bird (with deformed eyes).
Second wave of craft fun.
After crafts, it was time to enjoy some snacks. Katie and Lindsay especially enjoyed the chips. I am pretty sure they sat there for at least 15 minutes eating chips.
DD and Leila. DD really loves Leila, can you tell?
The girls are so adorable!
DD sitting down for some chips.
In addition to digging for tresures in the sandbox and crafts, I also brought a lot of little dinosaurs, frogs, snakes, and lizards. I tossed them all over the grass area and gave each kid an empty bag so they can hunt for their favorite creatures.
The kids searching for toys.
After we had the kids running around in search of little creatures, it was finally time for pizza.
Even busy moms need their pizzas. (Debra, I am not taking this picture down, lol!). Per Debra's request, you can't click on the photo anymore. LOL! Here's my mom blogger pals: Debra, Angela and Nancy. Can you guess which giveaway blogs they own?
Elise and her little girl, Danny -- she is so precious.
After lunch, it was cake time. DD got her own personal cake.
I made the cake all by myself (ok, with some help from Wilton).
Happy Birthday, princess!
The birthday girl had a cake all to herself. Yummy!
Can you tell that the kids really love eating the cake?
Lindsay's favorite part of the cupcake was my homemade icing.
Nancy with her son Erik along with Lindsay.
DD playing at the park-- got to burn off all that sugar. DD opening her birthday gifts. I did not get a chance to take a photo of all of the gifts so I might do that later. But she got a lot of books, which is great because she loves to read.

I LOVE this photo of DD, Mason and Leila. Mason's mommy is Angela and Leila's mommy is Nancy.
The kids were laughing so hard they kept on falling over. See, right onto the ground. LOL!
DD had a wonderful, fun, exciting, awesome birthday party!
While DD's favoite gift was this Minni plush toy, my favorite was the outfit Nancy got for her (a cute tank top with a matching pink tutu skirt).
"The truth is out there!" Ok, just kidding. DD was pointing at lizard she saw.
After we got home from the party, DD got to ride her bike around for awhile.
She is seriously one lucky little girl!

Thank you everyone for coming to DD's birthday party and help celebrate her big day. DD had a fantistic time! I hope you all had a great time too!

Many thanks to Wilton for supplying the cupcake and cake decorations as well as the cupcake stand. They were great additions to DD's birthday party. We love the gift tags and party banners from Belleza e Luce. DD's birthday outfit was a review product from Atterdag Kids. Last but not least, thanks to all of the companies who participated in my Birthday Bash Shopping Guide (I will be writing more reviews for the shopping guide early next week). You have all helped DD's 4th birthday the best one ever!

DD has another birthday party (at her preschool) this coming week and we wiill also be having a special event at Disneyland for DD later this month, I will post photos when I can. Thank you everyone!


Angela @ Nine More Months said...

I love the pictures of Mason, Leila and Peanut! I might have to steal them. :)

Life Is A SandCastle said...

So sweet, love the Wilton stand arrangements and the cupcakes, those Skitters look like a lot of fun. Looks like she had a fun party.

debra92691 said...

Very cute pics =)

Stuff Parents Need said...

I really love the digging for buried treasure idea! Cute!

Joy said...

I really LOVE all your games and party favors! My kids love those tiny animal toys and hoard them. Your daughter is beautiful and is one lucky girl!!!

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