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March 31, 2010

Egg Hunt with the Easter Bunny

Yesterday morning, we met up with some friends for an Easter Egg Hunt. It was raining a bit in the morning and DD was so afraid that playdate would get canceled. Luckily, even though it was a cloudy day, the rain stopped and DD got to have some fun. All of the moms brought some plastic eggs with toys, candy and stickers in them. We placed them all over the park for the kids.
At 4 years old, DD is an expert at egg hunting.
For someone who really wanted to collect as many eggs as possible, she was picky. Every time she picked up an egg, she made sure there was no dirt or ants on it. If an egg looked dirty to her, she would put it back on the ground, lol.
She could not get enough of them.
Every year, my friend Cristy's husband, Mike, dresses up as the Easter Bunny for the kids. This year was no exception.
More eggs!
How many eggs can a girl fit into her basket?
Her hair was a total mess here because this was taken after the Easter Egg Hunt.
DD was so proud of her basket full of plastic eggs.
All of the moms brought yummy food for everyone to snack on too.
DD enjoying her juice after all the hard work of collecting plastic eggs.
We want to say "Thank You" to Cristy and Norma for putting this super fun event together for the kids and moms. Also, thank you to Mike for dressing up as the Easter Bunny for the kids. We had a blast and we are really sorry that we were not able to stay long and catch up with everyone.

You see, we double booked. By "we," I actually mean that "I" double booked. While we were at the Easter Egg Hunt, my friend Debra called me and asked me where I was. That's when I learned that I got my dates messed up. I had made plans to go over to my friend Nancy's house for a playdate and I thought the playdate was on a Thursday. I felt really bad about double booking playdates, so we left the first playdate early in order to make sure we could attend the second one.

We got to Nancy's house an hour after we said we were going to be there-- oops! But we did managed to make it there after all :P. Nancy owns a bounce house and she had it up for the kids. I did not take many photos though because by the time we got to Nancy's house, I was feeling disorganized and exhausted.

I only got a few photos of DD making candy necklaces with Leila. As always, DD had a lot of fun at Nancy's house. She just LOVES Leila.

DD eating her candy necklace. Yummy!
Nancy, thank you for having us over for the fun playdate and lunch!


one frugal lady said...

Looks like ya'll had a blast! Great pictures!

Gina F said...

We always have a Easter egg hunt at the park down the street from us with my family and friends. Your daughter is so absolutely cute. Mike looks really cute in that bunny suit too. ("HA HA") I am glad you and espically your daughter had fun at the Easter egg hunt. When I was a little girl I loved to make candy necklaces with my grandma. Now grandma does it with my daughter. ("WHAT FUN") Your daughter looks like she had fun at her playdate too. Great photos. I liked reading your blog and I will be back to read more. I grab your button too. HAVE A HAPPY FAB DAY!!!

Visit my blog at http://motherof1princessand2princes.blogspot.com

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