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March 22, 2010

Birthday Party at Build A Bear

DD's preschool friend turned 4 yesterday and DD was invited to attend his birthday party at Build A Bear Shop inside of our local mall. Going to Build A Bear is nothing new to DD (I took her there right before she started preschool as a little fun trip/present for her), but this was the first time she's there for a party. Each child got to pick an animal to take home. DD picked a bunny that she named "Flower."
After all of the kids picked their animals, they waited in line for further instructions. I have to say that because they are preschoolers, they really understand how to wait in line, sit in circles and not talking when someone is giving them instructions, lol! (The birthday boy's name is Carol and he is the little boy wearing the blue shirt standing in the front of the line).
The kids sat and waited for each person's animal to get stuffed (it was pretty amazing how much patience they had).

After their animals were stuffed, they got to run around the store and pick outfits for their new toys. DD did not want an outfit for her bunny, instead she picked a pair of bunny ears. I tried to explain to her that her bunny already has bunny ears, but she really wanted her bunny to have 4 ears-- who am I to argue with the wisdom of a 4 year old. Because she picked her accessories so quickly, DD ended up playing with her friends while we waited for everyone to finish up. All of the kids with their new toys!
With their new toys, we headed to Ruby's for some ice cream and fries. The kids were behaving so well. They sat and colored while we waited for the food to arrive.
Yummy ice cream!
DD decided that the best way to eat ice cream was by dipping her fries in it. Kids are so weird sometimes.
We had a wonderful time at the birthday party. A big thanks to Carol's parents for treating DD to her own special bunny at Build A Bear and taking everyone out for ice cream afterwards.


Anonymous said...

wow how fun!!

JenT said...

We love BABW.

Letherton said...

Great Party Idea :)

Joy said...

FUN! Love the flower bunny!!!

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