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February 20, 2010

Zak! Designs Review

We have been using the same bowls I purchased from the Chinese supermarket during my poor college student days. It is not that we can't afford to replace them, but I just could not find anything else I like more. DH talked about replacing them because they were pretty worn out, but with what? Well, we were lucky enough to review a whole set of bowls from Zak Designs!

we received the Confetti 4pc Bowl Set in Assorted Brights, and we just LOVE using them for everyday needs around the kitchen. Because there is 4 of them in the set, we really are able to use them for all sorts of things. DH likes using the largest bowl for pop corns and the smallest one for guacamole. I like to use the medium size ones to rise out and clean fruit. I also like to use the larger size bowl to store our fresh fruits when DH isn't using it to eat pop corns. These bowls are food and dishwasher safe. Most importantly, they are made from recycled material! How awesome is that! I think it is so great when companies make products that's made from recycled materials because not only it helps reduces waste, it is also good for our environment.
In addition to the Confetti 4pc Bowl Set, we also received the Mellow 6pc Batter Bowl Set in Tonal True Blue to review. As many of you already know, I have been taking cake decorating classes. These are very handy when it comes to make cake icing as well as cake batter. I also use them for pancake batter on the weekends. I like that they come with lids so when I have left over batter I can just put the lids on them and use the batter later.

To buy the products I received to review (as well as hundreds of other Zak! Design products), please check out your local Walmart as well as on Amzon. com .


sharonjo said...

I'd love to have that Confetti Bowl Set--just makes me happy to look at those bright colors. My mom has a bowl that looks just like these--don't know if it's a Zak or not--but we use it all the time.

The Graef Family! said...

Those are so cute! I love the batter bowl set. I have a glass one that like from Pampered Chef but I'm always afraid of breaking it. I shall go to Amazon and buy those. Those are awesome. Thanks for the great review of those!!

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