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February 10, 2010

Let them eat cake!

I had my last cake decoration class on Monday (although I am taking a new course next month). As a final project, we got to learn how to do a basket style icing design on our cakes. This was my final product. Although it is not perfect by any means, but I am pretty happy with the way it turned out.

The back side of my cake. By the way, the cake was yummy. I made a lemon cake with strawberry fillings. Yum, yum!

On Monday afternoon, I took DD to the park for a playdate after she got out of preschool. My friend Lara was nice enough to bring art projects for all of the kids.

DD was having a blast.

Showing off her nice work.

After the art projects, the kids ran around the park for fun. The kids love the Skitter Car. If you haven't enter my giveaway yet, be sure to check it out, the contest ends tomorrow night.

See, everyone loves the Skitter car.

The best part about playing in the park is finding bugs and snails. Look at how fascinated DD and katie were with their snail.

Last night I made some treats for DD's prechool class so I thought I would share it with everyone. I brought 2 boxes of fortune cookies ( $1 for each box and each box has about 14 cookies from the 99 cent store). I melted some chocolate in the microwave, I dipped the cookies in the chocolate and dipped them into a small bowl of sprinkles right away. In less than 10 minutes, I made enough yummy treats for DD's preschool class. Total cost: $3. Oh, yeah, if you want to include the cost of the tray (I also picked that up from the 99 cent store), so including the heart shaped tray, total cost is $4. Pretty cool, right?!

Here's my close up photo of the cookies. So simple and easy to do and everyone loves them.


Carrie said...

I love the chocolate dipped fortune cookies- I'll have to try that sometime! Great idea!

debra92691 said...

What a yummy looking cake!

Anonymous said...

Love the fortune cookie idea! Im going to try that!


Pumpkin Bear said...

Your cake is beautiful, you are very talented! Where are you taking a cake decorating class? That sounds like something I would love to do (although I would be a very beginning beginner)

The Graef Family! said...

wow your cake turned out so nice!! I love the fortune cookie idea. I think I shall make those for the kids I teach music to in church! So fun and so cute!!

one frugal lady said...

Your cake looks awesome!! great job!

Candace said...

I love the fortune cookies. I think I would be able to that! Thanks for the idea.

Pumpkin Bear said...

Thanks for telling me where you took your class. I am going to take one too!

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