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February 4, 2010

Disneyland Fun

We did not go to Disneyland last week because of it was raining, so this past Tuesday, I took DD to Disneyland for our weekly visit. It was such a nice day. The sun was out and there weren't many people there. We were able to walk around leisurely. There was no rushing to get on rides because there wasn't any wait on most of the kiddie rides anyhow. Overall, it was just a nice, relaxing day.

We started the day out by visiting Chip and Dale at Disney's California adventure. Here's DD with Chip and Dale. Did you know that the Disney characters in costume like this are not allowed to speak? So they would simply use their body moment to indicate their emotions. Because they never speak to DD, in return DD actually never utter a word to them either. She also just points at them and hugs them. LOL!.

Ok, you know that I am doing a giveaway of Polliwalks shoes right? If you have kids and haven't enter my giveaway, you should! After the inital photo, Dale noticed that DD has on her Polliwalks Dog shoes. See, in this photo, you can see Chip and Dale checking out her shoes.
Then Dale took DD's shoe off. Check out how confused DD looked. LOL!
Dale trying to put the Polliwalks shoes on his foot (see, even Dale loves Polliwalks shoes).
DD getting even more confused as time went on because Dale really wanted to try on DD's shoe. Ok, everyone was cracking up at this point. It was too funny!
While we were at California's Adventure, she also go to visit Minnie.
And Goofy!
Of course, we can't forget about Mickey!
DD had so much fun that by early afternoon, she told me that she was tired and ready to go home. LOL! Disneyland is one of those places she visits and never wants to leave, so I knew that she must have had blast to get worn out so quickly.


The Graef Family! said...

Oh my goodness Chip and Dale are so funny!!!!Your little DD is very cute! Disney rocks!

Angela @ Nine More Months said...

So bummed we missed it! I love Chip and Dale, they always do the funniest things with the kids. Her face when he took off her shoe is priceless!

noreen said...

so cute.
Do you know if they are done working on the Matterhorn?

Michelle said...

your kids get to go to Disney on a weekly basis??!!! That is amazing. Want to adopt me? I'm 26 years old but I'm potty trained and can dress and feed myself! j/k I'm jealous, your kids are very lucky

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