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January 13, 2010

Lazy Wednesday

What sort of things do your kids do for fun when they have to stay home because they are sick? DD did not go to preschool today because she was not feeling well. 10 minutes after she woke up, this is what I saw in her bedroom. Keep in mind, her room is completely clean by the time she goes to bed every night (we make her pick up all of her toys before she goes to bed). It took her less than 10 minutes to dump all of her toys out and spread them across the room. In the afternoon, a couple of packages came for product reviews. One of the products came with a large sheet of bubble wrap-- which quickly became the best toy in the world (until there was no more bubbles to pop, then it was just trash, lol).


Jaime said...

lol, the same thing went on at my home today! So much fun for a few seconds, oh well

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