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January 9, 2010

Kaia and Meimei's birthday parties

What a day! We went to 2 birthday parties today and I was thoroughly exhausted by the time we got home after the second birthday party.

In the morning, we went to Kaia's 3rd birthday party at the park.

Kaia's mommy had gotten bubble guns for all of the kids and it was a huge hit (such a great idea, I think I might do that for DD's birthday too).
2 bubble guns is better than 1. LOL!
Leila and DD were loving the bubble guns!
Bubbles everywhere!
Yes, they were chasing adults around with their bubbles guns. What a pair of silly girls!
As a part of my birthday gift to Kaia, I made a small personal cake for her. I think she only ate the icing and nothing else. LOL!
Daddy pushing DD on the swing.
Daddies pushing their girls on the swings. So cute!
After Kaia's birthday party, we headed to Chuck E Cheese for Meimei's birthday party.
Meimei announced to everyone that DD is her best friend. They were so adorable!
The best thing about Chuck E Cheese is the rides and games there. (I am not a fan of their pizzas.)
Here's the birthday girl with her cake. She turned 5 years old! Her mommy (my bff Jessica) made the cake for her.
Meimei also had some friends from her preschool at the birthday party (but I have no idea who they are because Meimei and DD attend different preschools)
We left before 11 this morning and did not get home until close to 6. It was a busy day with lots of birthday fun. DD was so exhausted that she napped the entire way home and then napped for another 2 hours after we got home. She really enjoyed attending the parties and wanted to know when she is going to have a birthday party. "Soon enough," I said. Next week, we have 3 birthday parties to go to. I can't believe how many January babies there are.


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