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January 15, 2010

Gymnastics and AWESOME stroller to review

DD had gymnastics yesterday and I took a couple of photos of her while we were there. She attends gymnastic class once a week and just LOVES it. I don't expect her to world famous some day, I am just glad that she is getting a lot of exercise and having fun while doing it. The girl is so hyper that I don't think she stopped moving for even a second while she was in class. I did not get any good photos of them doing fun things, I will try harder next time ^_^.
DD was finally healthy enough to be back at school. So, I spent the morning grocery shopping (I know, not very exciting but someone has to do it). Around lunch time, I went to my friends Debra's house to hang out and eat lunch -- she made me a sandwich, what a sweetie! I was going to head over to DD's preschool to pick her up when I left Debra's house. I realized I had about 15 minutes to spare, so I stopped by my house and discovered the BEST thing ever! Look at what came for me to review!!!! You mean, you can't tell what this super awesome product is from the look from the giant box ?!

I got the Micralite stroller in the mail to review!

Since kid #2 will be in the stroller, we have to figure out where DD is going to go right? I mean, with only 2 arms, I don't think I can push 2 strollers at the same time. Well, not to worry, the company was super kind. They also sent me a Micralite Toro Rider to review. So while kid #2 will be in the stroller, DD can stand on the rider.

Wooohooo! I am beyond excited. I actually called a lot of my mommy friends to tell them the exciting news. Everyone I spoke to wants to check it out and do little test drives with it-- which I happily agreed because that's what good friends do for one another ;). I can't wait for DH to put it together for me. Anyhow, stay tune for my review of this AWESOME stroller and rider.


Cindi said...

Oh my goodness that stroller looks so fun. :)

Carrie said...

That stroller looks amazing!

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